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Occupy Wall Street – Beware GOP the American Autumn is Rising

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on October 8, 2011

Why is it when the “left” protests they are called a mob, but when the Tea Party protests they are called Patriots?  I was appalled to hear Eric Cantor the House majority leader and a Republican from Virginia, told a gathering of conservative activists in Washington that he’s “increasingly concerned” by the “growing mobs” at the protests, which have spread to Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., and other cities after starting several weeks ago on Wall Street.

I am even more surprised that anybody is surprised that this is happening.    The laws of nature insisted this was coming, nature abhors a vacuum, and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  While I don’t particularly agree with protesting on Wall Street, nor am I fond of leaderless protests.   I can certainly understand the frustration.  Those “big businesses” aren’t doing anything illegal, they are operating within the law, and that law, that Carte Blanche was given to them by Congress.  Congress has provided them with a very comfortable environment which literally brought the world to the edge of financial ruin, and it still isn’t over.  With unemployment remaining high, job creation marginal at best,  and no end in sight in the near future it was bound to happen.

Eating dinner tonight we were talking about the Arab Spring – which is still a work in progress  and could not help but draw parallels to conditions in the US.

  • Unemployment is high in all the countries of the Arab Spring – in particular the youth are unemployed.   There is nothing more dangerous than educated, unemployed youth who are not given an opportunity.  They have alot of time, alot of hope, and more determination than Mr. Cantor can imagine.
  • When people do not see government responding to their basic needs they have nothing to lose.  In the US the gridlock that is Congress has nearly shutdown government, caused US debt to be downgraded, threatened to cut off vital services like FEMA during a natural disaster, and now a jobs bill sits before them and is threatening to be a non-starter.  This is like smoking at the gas station…just waiting for that live ash to hit the puddle next to the pump.
  • As this movement continues the demographics are beginning to shift..what started out as youth is now morphing into a huge cross section of Americans.  As the Christian Science Monitor has reported the middle aged and “elderly” are coming out in mass.  Just like in Cairo…the need for change, the need to be heard was the binding issue for each and every protester in Tahrir Square.  It wasn’t religion, it wasn’t age, it wasn’t education.

Is this class warfare?  Label it any way you want, the fact of the matter is the American public is fed up.  I don’t believe that the people involved in Occupy Wall Street loathe business, or are all communist or socialist as the right would like to paint them.  They are frustrated by a Congress who is deaf.  Nobody is asking for big business to cut them a check and take care of them from cradle to grave.  Human beings are happiest when they are self sufficient, they want a job.  They want an opportunity.  That is going to take a level playing field.  The pendulum has swung so far right at times I think our national anthem should be “I Sold My Soul to the Company Store.”  The working class, or as it is now the non-working class have paid the price literally for decades of deregulation and business “friendly” policies.   The middle used to be the sweet spot, but thanks to groups like the Tea Party, that is no longer an option.  The push back has finally started.

The other startling and stark difference between this grass roots movement and the Tea Party is the underlying spiritual message.  Note, I did not say religious, I said spiritual.   There is a paradigm shift of huge magnitude at play.  Words like compassion, justice, equity are prevalent, look at the signs…

Signs from Occupy Wall Street

Compassion is Revolutionary


I can’t help but contrast these signs to a Tea Party signs..



Tea Party Mentality

Perhaps even more disturbing that looking at a sign threatening to brings arms is listening to the chatter on Twitter and watching “Tea Party Patriots” spewing rhetoric about taking up arms and swapping pictures of their various weapons.

Mr. Cantor you and the GOP should be very concerned about the peaceful “mob” because sooner or later they are going to discover Congress is at the root of  95% of America’s problem.  I have been privileged to witness how a peaceful “mob” ousted a tyrant and dictator of 30 years in 18 days.  Mohamed Bouazizi, the vegetable seller who lit himself on fire in Tunisia because he could not earn his meagre living due to  government corruption and ineffectiveness triggered a tsunami.  That tsunami came to Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen..even touched Saudi and Israel has now washed up on the shores of America and I think it is going to hit Congress…hard..very hard.


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