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Twitter Battles

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 24, 2011

I’ve taken a few days off from cyberspace to reflect…

They say the political battle for 2012 is going to be fought in cyberspace and twitter, we have already seen the impact of the age of information and instant communication.  We have watched the Arab Spring unfold before our very eyes starting with a vegetable vendor in Tunisia lighting himself on fire out of frustration.  The world sat transfixed for 18 days and watched the now world famous Tahrir Square Revolution, and the demise of a tyrant.  Bahrain a tiny country still struggles, they have not given up.  Libyan freedom fighters with the help of NATO are taking back their country.  In Syria, a vicious battle rages, we rely on You Tube Videos and tweets to tell the story since no journalist are allowed.  Finally we watched as the Palestinians took their hopes for dignity, freedom and justice to the UN and asked for statehood.  We also watched Pres. Obama threaten a veto, and did nothing short of wrapping himself in the Israeli flag and dance the Hora.   The US threatened countries who supported the Palestinian bid with cutting off funds, as well as the Palestinians themselves.

What happened to the Barack Obama who was in Cairo a few years ago encouraging the Arabs to embrace democracy, self determination?  He was playing to the the domestic market, he was playing to AIPAC, he was playing to the powerful Jewish lobby and the mis-information that the right has sent out – claiming that Barack Obama didn’t support Israel.  Which was far from the truth.   Winston Churchill said “A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on.”  We’ve seen that with the birther issue.

In the midst of the Arab Spring, the Arab Awakening and the shifting sands of diplomacy and power in the middle east, Barack Obama has chosen to be on the wrong side of history.

One of the dangers in not blindly supporting Israel is one is automatically labelled as anti – Semitic.  The truth is the narrative that most of us have heard regarding the Palestinian issue has largely been framed by the Israelis – with a background always touching the holocaust. In no way do I deny the Holocaust, we as human beings cannot forget the horrors that occurred.   We cannot remain silent when we see ethnic cleansing going on…and that includes when the victim becomes the victimizer.  The situation in the occupied Palestinian territories is at a tipping point.   Nothing short of a slow holocaust has been occurring.   It is no longer a back story in a newspaper as it was 10 years ago, the new information age has made sure we see it all.   9/11 brought the middle east to the forefront.  There is no excuse for us as Americans not to be educated on the entire issues, from the beginning, and here’s a surprise, that is before  1948.

I am absolutely disgusted with Pres. Obama on this issue, when I voted for him I was voting for a change, not the same Bush policies towards the Palestinian issue that did nothing but cause the US to lose credibility in the middle east.  We were making significant headway in restarting our relationships in the middle east until  now…we have just lose the battle at the most crucial time.

Does that mean I don’t support Pres. Obama for re-election?  No.  I support him for re-election, because the alternative is unthinkable.

When I watch a Tea Party audience cheer at an uninsured man dying, in no way can I support that type of mentality.

When I watch a Tea Party audience boo a gay soldier serving his country, and not one Presidential candidate called them on it at the time…in no way can I support that type of mentality.

When I listen to people like Michele Bachmann hype lies on cervical cancer vacines, in no way can I support that type of mentality.

The list goes on..I will support Barack Obama for re-election,  he is the lesser of two evils.  The other evil is so vile and vicious, the founding father’s must surely be turning in their graves.

But what you will hear me tweeting and blogging about more is the Palestinian issue, and it is not anti Semitic to tell the truth.  It is a long complicated history, and there is enough blood on everybody’s hands.  Nobody is innocent,   as one of my favorite people in the twitterverse @ilikewoods in  says in her bio .. I believe the truth is out there, and I am going to spread it like mustard!   That is exactly what I intend to do.  I know I am going to make some people uncomfortable, I know I am going to lose some followers, and I’m ok  with that.  If the truth makes you uncomfortable, then don’t read my blog, don’t follow me on twitter.  If you want to understand, engage in productive dialogue, challenge the  false narrative that has been pounded into you with the truth and facts, then welcome.

Truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell it.  ~Emily Dickinson



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Of Qu’ran Burnings, Mosque Protests, Dachau and Auschwitz

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 24, 2010

Muslims praying at Dachau August 2010

Amid all the the intolerance the US has been embroiled in the past few months, there was a beacon of hope out there…faintly shining, but shining none the less.  A group of eight Muslim American Imams outside the Dachau concentration camp in Germany prostrated themselves in prayer.  The clerics were part of President Obama’s envoy to combat anti-Semitism on a trip to Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps.  Accompanying the clerics were  current and former US officials from the Reagan,  Bush and Obama administrations who joined Hannah Rosenthal.  Rosenthal  lost much of her family in  Auschwitz.

Max Mannheimer, 90, who survived Auschwitz and Dachau, shows the delegates the number imprinted on his arm as he recounts his war- time experience.

The consensus of the group was the trip was transformational.  They issued the following statement:

We met survivors who, several decades later, vividly and bravely shared their horrific experience of discrimination, suffering, and loss. We saw the many chilling places where men, women and children were systematically and brutally murdered by the millions because of their faith, race, disability and political affiliation.

In Islam, the destruction of one innocent life is like the destruction of the whole of humanity and the saving of one life is like the saving of the whole of humanity (Holy Qu’ran, al-Ma’idah “the Tablespread” 5:32). While entire communities perished by the many millions, we know that righteous Muslims from Bosnia, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, and Albania saved many Jews from brutal repression, torture and senseless destruction.

We bear witness to the absolute horror and tragedy of the Holocaust where over twelve million human souls perished, including six million Jews.

We condemn any attempts to deny this historical reality and declare such denials or any justification of this tragedy as against the Islamic code of ethics.

We condemn anti-Semitism in any form. No creation of Almighty God should face discrimination based on his or her faith or religious conviction.

We stand united as Muslim American faith and community leaders and recognize that we have a shared responsibility to continue to work together with leaders of all faiths and their communities to fight the dehumanization of all peoples based on their religion, race or ethnicity. With the disturbing rise of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hatred, rhetoric and bigotry, now more than ever, people of faith must stand together for truth.

Together, we pledge to make real the commitment of “never again” and to stand united against injustice wherever it may be found in the world today.

Imam Muzammil Siddiqi

Islamic Society of Orange County, Calif.

Chairman, Fiqh Council of North America

Imam Muhamad Maged

All-Dulles-Area Muslim Society

Dulles, Va.

Vice President, Islamic Society of North America

Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed

National Director

Office of Interfaith & Community Services

Islamic Society of North America

Washington, D.C.

Imam Suhaib Webb

Muslim Community Association

Santa Clara, Calif.

Ms. Laila Muhammad

Daughter of the late Imam W.D. Muhammad

Chicago, Ill.

Shaikh Yasir Qadhi

Dean of Academics

Al Maghrib Institute

New Haven, Conn.

Imam Syed Naqvi


Islamic Information Center

Washington, D.C.

Imam Abdullah T. Antepli

Muslim Chaplain

Duke University

Durham, N.C.

Ironically, no good deed goes unpunished, Anti-Defamation League’s Abe Foxman lobbied U.S. officials against participating.

Rest assured I didn’t find this story on Fox news, but rather CNN, which caused me to poke around a bit more.





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Myth Buster – Muslims Hate Jews

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on August 11, 2010

Checkin' the Facts

If any of you have been following this blog the past few days you may have witnessed some rather “snarky” remarks. It never ceases to amaze me the absolute untruths that people hold onto, invest energy and time, personal reputations put on the line for the sake of promoting hatred. Those folks that are so opposed to a mosque anywhere in the US welcome to reality. I love the Sarah Palin tweet “Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in interest of healing” That is kinda like asking the question have you quit beating your wife yet? If you answer yes you are damned, and if you answer no you are damned. So if you support the Mosque, which is NOT AT GROUND ZERO, you must be a non -peace seeking Muslim?
This is the reality of the world…here’s a Muslim in NYC who defends a Jew. Do I think this is an isolated instance? No, I think it happens all the time but gets lost in the hatred and fear we are so immersed in.
I found this one You Tube …Terrorist Thugs, Muslim, New York Subway – Muslim Saves Jews.

You will notice the people who attacked this Jewish man were NOT Muslim or Arab. The person who came to this Jewish man’s defense WAS a Muslim. The attackers spewed out some completely ignorant thing about Hanukkah being a celebration of when the Jews killed Christ – no doubt information gleaned from some hate filled site and taken as gospel. (I feel like I need to add a disclaimer Hanukkah marks the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem (Second Temple) after its desecration by the forces of the King of Syria – it has absolutely nothing to do with the killing of Jesus)

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Israel Gives US Permission to Pass An Armenian Genocide Resolution or Do I Live in the United States of Israel? or Let’s Just Call A Spade A Spade

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on March 5, 2010

95 years after the fact, the US Congress has decided to o pass a resolution calling the 1915 killing of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey a genocide.  Twenty countries do, including France, Germany, Sweden and Canada have already recognized this fact.  The US has been reluctant to do this – after all Turkey is a Nato member and we regularly use Turkey as a base for military operations..  Israel( keep in mind this is a group of people who they themselves have been through a holocaust, a genocide) and  the pro-Israel community [i.e. the Israel lobby] , in the past has lobbied hard against previous attempts to pass similar resolutions, citing warnings from Turkish officials that it could harm the alliance not only with the United States but with Israel — although Israel has always tried to avoid mentioning the World War I-era genocide.

Guess what?! In the last year or so, however, officials of American pro-Israel groups have said that while they will not support new resolutions, they will no longer oppose them, citing Turkey’s heightened rhetorical attacks on Israel and a flourishing of outright anti-Semitism the government has done little to stem.  You may recall with the Gaza war, the Turks like everybody else on the planet were appalled at the genocide of the Palestinians.

The Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon of Israel seated the Turkish ambassador in a kindergarten chair during a meeting, and “forgot” to put a Turkish flag on the table alongside the Israeli flag. He then called the Israeli photographers in and said to them in Hebrew – so the Turkish ambassador wouldn’t understand, “The important thing is that they see he’s sitting lower and we’re up high and that there’s only one flag, and you see we’re not smiling.”

News of that episode so enraged the Turks and humiliated the Israelis that Ayalon had to apologize three times, in progressively more abject terms, or face a rupture in Israeli-Turkish relations.

Read the full article here:  http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1953746,00.html

This opened up the path for Israel to influence the US and “spank” those bad Turks.

Berman endorses Armenian genocide resolution

Source:  http://jta.org/news/article/2010/03/04/1010932/berman-endorses-armenian-genocide-resolution

March 4, 2010

WASHINGTON (JTA) — A key Jewish lawmaker urged passage of a resolution recognizing the Ottoman genocide against Armenians.

The endorsement by U.S. Rep. Howard Berman (D-Calif.), chairman of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, at the outset of his committee’s hearing Thursday reflected growing Jewish, pro-Israel and congressional distancing from Turkey because of recent tensions with Israel.

“Turkey is a vital and, in most respects, a loyal ally of the United States in a volatile region,” Berman said. “We have also been a loyal ally to Turkey, and should continue to be so. Be that as it may, nothing justifies Turkey’s turning a blind eye to the reality of the Armenian genocide.”

Such language is unusually blunt. In the past, the pro-Israel community has lobbied hard against previous attempts to pass similar resolutions, citing warnings from Turkish officials that it could harm the alliance not only with the United States but with Israel — although Israel has always tried to avoid mentioning the World War I-era genocide.

In the last year or so, however, officials of American pro-Israel groups have said that while they will not support new resolutions, they will no longer oppose them, citing Turkey’s heightened rhetorical attacks on Israel and a flourishing of outright anti-Semitism the government has done little to stem.

That has lifted the fetters for lawmakers like Berman, who had been loath to abet in the denial of a genocide; Berman and a host of other members of the House’s unofficial Jewish caucus have signed on as co-sponsors.

The bill is a victory as well for lawmakers from California, the home of a substantial Armenian community. U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the House speaker, is known to sympathize with the resolution’s sentiments, although she has kept it from making it to the House floor for a full vote.

The nonbinding resolution would not carry legal weight, but would set a precedent for U.S. officialdom to use the word “genocide” in describing the massacres. Turkey slashed ties with France for a few years after its legislature passed a similar resolution.

Now I am not saying that what occurred in 1915 was ok, it was a genocide, genocides are horrific.  What is making my ass twitch is that we the United States has to get permission from Israel to even say it was a genocide.  And that Israel has to be so “sneaky” and absolutely ball-less and not even directly own what they want.  They won’t endorse it, but they won’t oppose calling it a genocide.   Until it did not serve Israel’s purpose the lose of those 1.5 million Armenians wasn’t notable.  Gee, how do you think Israel would react if the world said the lose of 6 million Jews wasn’t notable?

One has to wonder will it take the United States another 95 years to recognize that Israel is in fact committing genocide with Palestine?  We continue to turn a blind eye to a genocide that is occurring literally right in front of us..when will we hear?  When will we, as the world find our voice and say enough is enough, and we are not going to give Israel carte blanche because they have been through a holocaust to inflict it on another group.

Perhaps even more to the point is when will the United States of America realize it is not the United States of Israel and we do not need need their permission to do the right thing.

Connect the dots!

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The American Concentration Camps of 1942 or Live Long and Prosper

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 21, 2010

I am always amazed at when I hear something it hits me, I knew that, but some how it gets filed away, hidden in the spiderwebs until something triggers it.   The irony of it all, American soldiers unable to speak of the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps, and yet in this very country  after Pearl Harbor with Executive Order 9066 we  branded Japanese Americans as the threat from within,  and sent literally hundreds of thousands to internment camps.  Of of those interred was a young Japanese American boy named George Takei (Sulu from the original Star Trek for all you fans).  Granted, we did not mass murder or torture people, but we did in fact commit a sin against their very soul.  Many of those people who were interred grew to hate America and Americans, some were so desperate they committed suicide.   It took the US government decades to apologize.  In 1988,  under Reagan, Congress passed and  signed legislation which apologized for the internment on behalf of the  US government.  The legislation stated that government actions were based on “race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership”.

I encourage you all to take a few minutes and listen


I look at where we are now…and those words:  “race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership” and I think Gitmo, Bush, Cheney, and I wonder how far off we were or could be if the John McCain’s and Sarah Palins in the political world were in charge.  Your name might be a little middle eastern sounding the US government has a hostel for you too!

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Afraid to criticize Israel – Lest ye be anti-semitic

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 16, 2010

I had an interesting conversation over the weekend, and I have been pondering it for awhile.  If the truth be told this is a conversation I have had repeatedly in one context or another, and inevitably the same sense of “oh, oh, that isn’t politically correct!”  So naturally I am going to expand my opinion in cyberspace…isn’t life grand?

Why is it that when there is a criticism of Israel everybody’s ass starts to twitch?   What is it that we as Americans carry within out psyche that says it isn’t nice to state the truth if it doesn’t reflect well on Israel?  And why is it that we as Americans really don’t understand what exactly is going on “over there” anyway?  It is a complicated issue, it has a long history, which I am beginning to believe if we cannot summarize it in less than 100 words it is just too much information for us to digest…and it must be those crazy Islamic people causing all the trouble anyway.

But I digress, I asked exactly this question – why do we always defend Israel?  And I heard a variety of responses.  Here are two of the more popular responses I get…

1.  We have more in common with them then we do the Muslims or Arabs, after all Jesus was a Jew.

(This answer always amazes me –  for the record I am Catholic. )

2.  The Holocaust!  Those poor people suffered.

For the record I am not a holocaust denier.  It happened, it was obscene in the fullest sense of the word, it must never be forgotten, no holocaust should be forgotten or a blind eye turned – including Rwanda, Armenia, Bosnia and the current holocaust against the Palestinian people.)

If you hang with me on the postings to come, you may hear the sounds of myths and popular propaganda  shattering …you may not agree with me, and that’s ok, most of all I want  you to think!

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