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The Sound of Freedom is Calling – Egypt

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on April 2, 2011

I love this video!

Translation (rough)..I never said I spoke Arabic well…

I went and I said I’m not coming back and I wrote with my blood in every street.

We made everybody who was deaf, hear.

All obstacles are broke.

Our weapons are our dreams.

Tomorrow is very clear to us.

This awakening has been a long time in coming.

We were searching and did not find our own place.

Refrain:  In every street of our country the sound of freedom is calling.

We lifted our faces to the sky.

The hunger  is no longer important, the most important thing is our rights.

We will write our history with our own blood.

If you are one of us, stop telling us to leave and forget our rights.

Stop say “me”

Egyptians working hand have no discrimination.

We stood in the middle of fire, breaking all the boundaries.  The outstanding youth flip the autumn to spring

and achieved a miracle.

They woke up the dead.

Kill me or starve me to death, this is not going to bring a country of injustice back.

I’m writing with my own blood the history of my country, not my blood, it is the spring, the River Nile, that carries green to everybody.


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