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Egypt’s Tahrir Square – Love Finds a Way

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 7, 2011

This brought a tear to a munky’s eye…in the midst of chaos and uncertainty one couple make the commitment.

Dr. Ahmad Zaafan, a pharmacologist, and Oula Abdul Hamid were married Sunday in the square where they have been camping out since Jan. 28, Gulf News.com reported.

“I am worried because my parents could not come to attend the party, but happy that all Egyptians and Arabs have witnessed my marriage and we both received blessings and congratulations from all over the world,” Zaafan told the Web site.

Hamid said she could not have chosen a better venue for the wedding ceremony.

“I am very happy about the idea of tying the wedding knot in this holy square, which is witnessing the rebirth of our nation,” she said.


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