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Chicken Capers – Egyptian Style

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 5, 2011

Sometimes the only way you can deal with what is without a mistake a horrific situation is to look  through the lens of humor.  I spent the day with my “adopted” family, and heard the stories of one of the brothers who has a men’s clothing store on a main street in Giza.

The first 4 or 5 days of  this “event” the nights were full of terror, from the thugs.  While things have quieted down some, make no mistake the neighborhood is still on full alert, still being patrolled by the neighborhood men, and my only contribution is late night tea and cookie delivery, but I digress…

There are a few things that one notices immediately when looking at the landscape of Cairo, one is that between a coffee shop and a coffee shop is another coffee shop(keep in mind there is legally no such thing as a coffee shop, they are all call “cafeterias”).  Two, the rooftops of the buildings are covered with satellite dishes, and finally every neighborhood has a “suq” a market where you will find everything from vegetables, to fresh fish and live chickens.  You know you are a true Egyptian when you can go to the chicken man, and poke a live chicken and tell him you want that one, he will slaughter it and pluck it for you.  Since the price of beef the past year has absolutely skyrocketed, chicken is the protein of choice, so it is vital that it be available in the market.  Egyptians do not like or trust frozen chicken.  Since the bird flu crisis, live chicken shops have technically been banned, although you would never guess that from walking thru any suq.  You can also go to more American style supermarkets where you can keep the illusion that your chicken or beef is some how grown in plastic wrapped Styrofoam, but  the cost is very prohibitive if you are living on less than $2.00 a day.

One evening Ibrahim, the owner of the clothing store was in his store, preventing it from being looted.  While there was a curfew in place, there was still activity on the street, including a truck load of live chickens bound for the suq.  As luck would have it, the chickens were in the wrong place at the wrong time, the truck was stopped by four thugs toting machine guns and firing them randomly to scare any heroes off.  Ibrahim’s shop is located next to a coffee shop, and of course everybody is seeing this happen,  the driver of the truck terrified, chickens clucking, and machine gun fire going off.  Nobody had a machine gun in the store or coffee shop to fend these chicken bandits off, but they did have some guts and ingenuity. They grabbed the coffee shop tables and used them  as  shields and surrounded the chicken nappers, a huge crowd surrounding the thugs.   Evidently, the sheer number and I think the surprise that anybody was going to stop them since they had the machine guns allowed a group of decent law abiding citizens the ability to over power them.  Over power them they did, they beat the hell out ’em.  The thugs were begging to be turned over to the military,  they were tied up and turned over.  (There is a number to call to tell the military you have thugs tied up.) The first four days of this “event” in Ibrahim’s neighborhood there were 85 thugs captured by every day citizens.

Score Good Guys 85     Thugs 0  Chickens? Collateral Damage


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