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A Late Night Intruder

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 5, 2011

If there is one thing you can say about Egyptians they  have a wonderful sense of humor.  Last night my neighbor Samah came over, she is 19 or 20, and she secretly smokes…she was in need of refuge for a place to have a cigarette without fear of being caught, so she knocked.  We were reflecting on the events of the past 12 days, we rode the emotional roller coaster, ranging from  fear, elation, pragmatism, enthusiasm, hope and of course humor.  The hallmark of an Egyptian.

Egyptian families are  a close knit group, the minute it became evident that this wasn’t just a run of the mill protest families began to unite.  The family flat became the gathering point, which meant, everybody came home.  Married children with their spouses and children came home, the population of an average Egyptian flat swelled from two or three, to ten to twelve in my building.  Samah’s flat was experiencing a serious population explosion.  Tensions were high, everybody was jumpy, and there was no room to be “alone”.

With more people of course comes more trash,  and trash pick up was sporadic at best.  So with eternal optimism each night the family would put out their garbage in a tied up black bag, and open the door the next morning only to find it still there.  The same ritual continued to occur, the trash bags were piled one on top of the other, rising in height, and no trash man in sight.

One night about 3 a.m. the doorbells rang at Samah’s flat, and it just didn’t ring once, it was RINGING, as if somebody were laying on that bell.  Papa and brothers got up.  These people are from Upper Egypt, notoriously known for their stubbornness and tempers.  They are yelling thru the door “mein..mein?!” (who are you? who are you?) ..there was no response, just the non stop ringing of the bell.  They took the battery out of the doorbell and continued to demand through the closed door for the intruder to identify themselves.  Samah said you could see and hear their knees knocking…they peered through the door “eye” to search for the unwelcome visitor,  but nobody was to be seen.  After much discussion, and bravado they decided to go back to bed without opening the door.  Samah was disgusted with them…she opened the door and found the intruder:

Wanted for Intruding and Raising False Alarms During a Crisis

“Mitty” the building cat, who was evidently looking for a late night snack and found the buffet open,  she had climbed to the top trash bag, just about level to the doorbell and laid against it while foraging for her snack.

I adore Mitty by the way, although so far I think her biggest talent is producing babies…and eating.

So for the record, for those who hold the illusion that Muslim, Arab women are meek and mild, and terrified, they haven’t met Samah yet, or a million others just like her….


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