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Egypt – A Monkey’s View

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 4, 2011

You Tube has some annoying policy about not letting me embed it in this blog – because I used Enya music as a background..go figure..click on the You Tube video and it will take you there….



2 Responses to “Egypt – A Monkey’s View”

  1. Verna Shulz said

    Thanks to the Rush Limbaugh wannabees this viewpoint is sometimes taken at face value.

  2. Dolarhoy said

    I’m genuinely delighted about everything that occured in Egypt. Finally, the tyranny of Hosni Mubarak has come to an final. And all occurred mainly because of the bravery of the egyptians. I wish that the example of this will broaden through all the Middle East. Liberty now! Peace.

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