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The Egyptian Muppets

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 3, 2011

Introducing the Muppets:

In the midst of all the tension and uncertainty God does provide some comic relief.  On Sunday afternoon, I was watching CNN from deep inside the Munky Bunker.  I heard helicopters overhead then I heard what sounded like jets.  I thought to myself, that can’t possibly be a jet, could it?  So I went out on the balcony of my 7th floor bunker, as I scanned the sky and my surroundings, I saw the rest of the “muppets” hanging out windows and balconies.  Cairo reminds me of those old black and white photos of New York City in the during the 1930’s …tenement style.  Buildings so close to each other you can reach out and touch the person in the building next to you, and that is exactly how Egyptians like it.  As I listened to the comments from the Muppet gallery, I heard, “that is the Airforce escorting Mubarak out of the country…no, no that is Mubarak showing that he is in control of the military…it is a scare tactic.”  Later, I heard a theory that it was the military showing they were with the people.  Still not sure what that walk down bizarre lane was about.  But then I heard what was the best quote of the day.  My neighbor Yousef, is about 8 years old, and Mohamed the young man in the building across from us is a wise 12 years old.  As they discussed the jets flying by Yousef said “they are going to bomb us!”  “Tsk..tsk” Ahmed replied…”ya ibni (son) we are not in Gaza!”

I laughed until I cried.  As I watched the jets soar by, and felt my chest vibrating, wondering if my windows were going to shatter, I occurred to me, no child should have to have such an intimate knowledge of geopolitics that they can identify Gaza and that crisis on a map.


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