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JFK Library Digitalized and Available Online

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on January 15, 2011

A man a relevant today as he was 50 years ago…fascinating site, so much information…

Some favorites:


Audio recording of President John F. Kennedy’s radio and television address to the nation regarding desegregation and racially motivated violence at the University of Mississippi. In his speech President Kennedy regrets the necessity for any action by the federal government, but explains that the freedom to disagree with the law does not include the freedom to disobey it. The President calls upon the citizens of Mississippi to allow student James Meredith an equal opportunity for education and to preserve law and order by upholding their tradition of honor and courage.


This is a sound recording of three telephone exchanges. The first exchange is a telephone conversation held on October 22, 1962, between President John F. Kennedy and former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. They discuss ways to deal with the Cuban Missile Crisis and consider possible consequences, including nuclear war and actions taken by the Soviet Union in Berlin, Germany. The recording begins in mid-conversation. The second exchange is chatter involving [White House Operators?]. Machine noise follows. The third exchange is a brief fragment of a telephone conversation between Secretary of State Dean Rusk and an unidentified man. They talk about an impending address to the nation on providing an “effective quarantine” against a threat. This sound recording was originally recorded on Dictation Belt 30, which contains additional sound recording(s) preceding this one. To hear all of the recordings on the Dictation Belt, see Digital Identifier: JFKPOF-TPH-30, Title: Telephone recordings: Dictation Belt 30.

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