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Campbell’s Soup and Islamaphobia

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on October 11, 2010

There’s a title I never thought I would write!  It seems that there is a call for boycotting Campbell’s soup because they have introduced a “Halal” product about a year ago.

So what is halal anyway?  It simply refers to the way in which an animal is slaughtered, just like “kosher” beef is slaughtered in accordance to Jewish law.  Keep in mind not all halal food is kosher and not all kosher food is halal, but they are similiar.When an animal is slaughtered in a halal manner, it means the following:

1.  The animal is offered food and water up until shortly before the slaughter.

2.  The animal is laid on the right side, facing Mecca.

3.  The animals must never see the  knife.

4.  The cut must be such that it is one slice,  generally you will have somebody holding the animal’s head, exposing the neck for a clean cut.

5.  A brief prayer is rendered before the slaughter, it is bismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm, which simply  means in  the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

6.  Absolute no dressing out of the animal occurs until after the soul has left, that means that not only has the heart stopped beating, and the blood drained, but there are no muscle ticks.

For all of those right wing nut jobs who like to harp on being accountable, here is the ultimate accountability in a halal slaughter – when you are at the final judgment (yes in Islam there is a final judgment, just like Christianity) you will be asked to recount your actions, and that animal that you slaughtered will come before God and say, yes, this is the person who slaughtered me and he was kind and did his job well.

I grew up in cattle country, and I would highly recommend all those Islamaphobic folks take a tour of any US slaughterhouse, and then witness a halal slaughter.    I promise you you will either become a vegetarian, or you will ask for your meat to be halal.

None of this really should come as a surprise.  I am still mulling over the result of the Pew Poll on religion, which in short says we as Americans are relatively poorly informed not only on Christianity but on other religions.  My gut tells me this is the same caliber  of people who protest mosques, burn Qu’rans and in general find it unpatriotic if you aren’t white, protestant and a gun toting right wing nut job.


2 Responses to “Campbell’s Soup and Islamaphobia”

  1. Will le Fey said

    Maybe we’ll be lucky and they’ll starve themselves.

    Quick! Someone declare oxygen to be halal.

  2. Will le Fey said

    They’re freaking out over cereal and holidays too.

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