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Another Right Wing Nut Job – Daniel Webster

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 25, 2010

Daniel Webster Endorsed by the Tea Party “Today, The Central Florida Tea Party Council is pleased to announce our endorsement of Daniel Webster and his candidacy. Mr. Webster has a distinguished reputation as a strong conservative. He has proven that he believes in a limited role of the Federal government in our lives; and, he has shown a committment to fiscal responsibility. It is because of these shared principals, values, and policy positions that we line up in support of Daniel Webster in the campaign ahead.

“Daniel Webster is the ideal conservative candidate to run against Alan Grayson, because the contrasts could not be more striking”, says WOTP Founder Ron McCoy. “We are honored to endorse Mr. Webster and will do all that we can to help him defeat Alan Grayson in November.” If that alone isn’t enough to scare you this should:

This is the guy you need to be voting for:  Alan Grayson

****UPDATE******Bummer Alan Grayson, in today’s world of fact checking, while your ad was awesome, it was only half true in some spots and false in others, what is such a shame is that you evidently thought nobody would check.  What is even more of a shame is that you are not using legitimate points against Daniel Webster…I mean really don’t you have a research staff?

Why didn’t you play it honestly and discuss his extreme views on marriage, here’s what he proposed. Men and women would have the option on their application for a marriage license to elect a covenant marriage. Under terms of the covenant marriage agreement, the husband- and wife-to-be would have to have their parents’ permission and attend premarital counseling by a member of the clergy or a marriage counselor before proceeding. As part of their marriage license, the husband and wife would then have to sign notarized documents declaring:

“I, (insert name), do hereby declare my intent to enter in Covenant Marriage. I do so with the full understanding that a Covenant Marriage may not be dissolved except by reason of adultery. I have attended premarital counseling in good faith and understand my responsibilities to the marriage. I promise to seek counsel in times of trouble. I believe that I have chosen my life-mate wisely and have disclosed to him or her all facts that may adversely affect his or her decision to enter in this covenant with me.”

The covenant marriage agreement “may not be dissolved except by reason of adultery,” according to the bill Webster filed.

There  is plenty of legitimate ammo in that.




Evidently he read my complaint and nasty twitter…here is his latest, much more accurate..kudos Grayson!



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