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Christine O’Donnell’s Tea Party Victory or A Case for Political Masturbation

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 15, 2010

Conservative activist Christine O’Donnell came from behind (with the help of a last minute $250,000 contribution from the Tea Party Express) to defeat Mike Castle.
So who is she?
We will start with her “past”…

Mmmmm, Christine, I think you will learn how to politically masturbate, because even Karl Rove isn’t supporting you….
According to Public Policy Polling, just 31 percent of Delaware voters believe O’Donnell is “fit” to hold office, and a a GOP official told Fox News the party has no plans of putting money into the race. Ouch.
**update** the GOP has decided they had better play to the tune of $42,000.

One a more serious note…On Sunday, John McCormack, a writer for The Weekly Standard, reported that in 2005 O’Donnell filed a lawsuit asking for $6.9 million in damages for alleged gender discrimination and wrongful termination by a conservative nonprofit organization called the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

She dropped the lawsuit in 2008, saying she could no longer afford an attorney.

In addition to raising questions about the alleged harassment, the article questioned her honesty in part by highlighting a claim in the lawsuit that O’Donnell once tried to take graduate-level classes at Princeton University.

According to The Weekly Standard, the lawsuit alleged O’Donnell “lost the increased earning power that a master’s degree from Princeton would have created. In the future with proper finances, Miss O’Donnell should probably be able to return and complete that program.”

The problem was that O’Donnell never took any graduate courses at Princeton, something she acknowledged to CNN.

She was merely auditing an undergraduate course, said her campaign manager, Matt Moran. Moran called The Weekly Standard report part of a smear campaign being conducted by O’Donnell’s opponents.

Why is it when the unpleasant truth comes out in politics it is called a smear campaign?


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    Christine O’Donnell’s Tea Party Victory or A Case for Political Masturbation « Politicalmonkey2010…

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