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Sharron Angle – Pathological Right Wing Liar

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 30, 2010

In today’s world of fact checking in a moment’s notice, and all those things that one has said are some where immortalized on video and internet  it is a dangerous time for politicians to lie.  Given Sharron Angle’s extremist comments for years, I am in utter disbelief that she thinks that there is no record of these things.


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Another Right Wing Nut Job – Daniel Webster

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 25, 2010

Daniel Webster Endorsed by the Tea Party “Today, The Central Florida Tea Party Council is pleased to announce our endorsement of Daniel Webster and his candidacy. Mr. Webster has a distinguished reputation as a strong conservative. He has proven that he believes in a limited role of the Federal government in our lives; and, he has shown a committment to fiscal responsibility. It is because of these shared principals, values, and policy positions that we line up in support of Daniel Webster in the campaign ahead.

“Daniel Webster is the ideal conservative candidate to run against Alan Grayson, because the contrasts could not be more striking”, says WOTP Founder Ron McCoy. “We are honored to endorse Mr. Webster and will do all that we can to help him defeat Alan Grayson in November.” If that alone isn’t enough to scare you this should:

This is the guy you need to be voting for:  Alan Grayson

****UPDATE******Bummer Alan Grayson, in today’s world of fact checking, while your ad was awesome, it was only half true in some spots and false in others, what is such a shame is that you evidently thought nobody would check.  What is even more of a shame is that you are not using legitimate points against Daniel Webster…I mean really don’t you have a research staff?

Why didn’t you play it honestly and discuss his extreme views on marriage, here’s what he proposed. Men and women would have the option on their application for a marriage license to elect a covenant marriage. Under terms of the covenant marriage agreement, the husband- and wife-to-be would have to have their parents’ permission and attend premarital counseling by a member of the clergy or a marriage counselor before proceeding. As part of their marriage license, the husband and wife would then have to sign notarized documents declaring:

“I, (insert name), do hereby declare my intent to enter in Covenant Marriage. I do so with the full understanding that a Covenant Marriage may not be dissolved except by reason of adultery. I have attended premarital counseling in good faith and understand my responsibilities to the marriage. I promise to seek counsel in times of trouble. I believe that I have chosen my life-mate wisely and have disclosed to him or her all facts that may adversely affect his or her decision to enter in this covenant with me.”

The covenant marriage agreement “may not be dissolved except by reason of adultery,” according to the bill Webster filed.

There  is plenty of legitimate ammo in that.




Evidently he read my complaint and nasty twitter…here is his latest, much more accurate..kudos Grayson!


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Republican Pledge to America AKA Plague for America

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 25, 2010

Republican Marketing

Republicans “unveiled” their vision in a 21 page masterpiece, all put together by…wait for it..here it comes…Brian Wild, who up until early this  year was a lobbyist on behalf of  the Nickles Group.  Set  up by the former Republican Senator from Oklahoma, Don Nickles.   Brian Wild worked for this firm for five years.  Here are some highlights of the contracts the Nickles Group handled

  • $740,000 in lobbying contracts from AIG, the former insurance company at the heart of the financial collapse
  • $800,000 from energy giant Andarko Petroleum
  • more than $1.1 million from Comcast
  • more than $1.3 million from Exxon Mobil
  • $625,000 from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc.

The Nickles Group was not the only stop in his career, he also served as a lobbyist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce where he helped steer more than $34 million worth of lobbying activity for the business interest group.

Does anybody else see a serious disconnect from Main Street and Wall Street?

But according to the Republicans all of these ideas for the pledge came from “America Speaking Out” – this if you have been reading my blog for awhile is what I dubbed the GOP Taliban, as the remarks were all censored.   Having said that, the seminal ideas from America Speaking Out seemed to be to legalize pot, and bring back jobs that have been outsourced – neither of which is addressed in the “Pledge”.

This recycled approach worked in 1994 when the Republicans unveiled  “Contract With America,” a list of heavily poll-tested proposals they unveiled about six weeks before the GOP gained 54 House seats and seized control of the House for the first time in 40 years.

The “pledge” is full of populist promises.  Ironically,  on the very day the plan was unveiled and promises to repeal” Obama Care”  rang out from the GOP is the very day that because of “Obama Care”  insurance companies can no longer discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions, drop coverage because of a simple mistake on an application, institute lifetime caps, limit choice of doctors, charge more for emergency services obtained out of network, or levy deductibles, co-payments or co-insurance for certain preventive benefits. Children will also be able to stay on their parents’ plans until their 26th birthday and everyone will have the right to appeal insurer decisions to an independent third party.  In what is an obviously poorly researched plan, or at the very least shows that the Republican party has absolutely no clue as to what is in the Affordable Health Care Act they cited 7 changes they would implement in  health care that are ALREADY in the act!(See table at the end of this post)

Let’s talk about downsizing the government,  the cry of the Tea Party, reduce the government!  Here is an interesting fact:  the civilian federal workforce, now at about 2.1 million, is smaller than it was in 1967. And there are over 100 million more Americans today than there were then.  The pledge wants to limit the number of Federal employees, an across-the-board freeze on non-security federal hiring.  That feeds right into the populist militia view, but you know what it doesn’t take into account?  The fact that you cannot hold the Federal government hostage to populist views when in fact the role of the Federal government is to do what individuals cannot do.  For example, do you think that the fact that there were just 60 inspectors for oil rigs, like the Deep Water Horizon, to cover almost 4,000 facilities in the area is a skewed ratio?  In effect their proposal would take away the ability of the government to grow areas which for the safety of this country must be grown.  Following their logic what happens if there is a pandemic, sorry we can’t respond because the Department of Health and Human Resources has already hired.  Food and Drug Administration, salmonella from eggs?  Sorry guess you had better not eat eggs, because we aren’t hiring anybody to ensure your safety.  Sorry chicken industry, guess you better figure out another line of work quick.    But here’s an interesting kicker..it leaves Social Security and Medicare, the two biggest long term drivers of debt untouched.  The language used is:

“We will make the decisions that are necessary to protect our entitlement programs for today’s seniors and future generations.”
Can somebody tell me what that means?  Is there a game plan here in this vague language that I am missing?  It’s hard to tell folks we are going to mess with these two programs that people rely on because that doesn’t get votes.  There are references to vague promise to cut “discretionary spending.”  What the hell does that mean exactly?

The list goes on..

What about security?  Doing what the GOP does best, which is to run on a platform of fear, we could hire according to the “Pledge” security, that would be exempt from a hiring freeze..mmm here’s another fact:  The federal workforce has grown in the past decade, but two-thirds of the increase is directly related to the terrorist threat sparked by the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. After Sept. 11, the public demanded a federal response, and Congress and the White House enacted new policies; put in place new homeland security, defense and intelligence initiatives; and hired people to run and manage these efforts.    This sector has grown rapidly and been the most costly.  And the magic bullet for eliminating terrorist is to eliminate Miranda rights for terrorist?

Let’s see if I have this right, we are going to short change and hold the Federal government agencies to a freeze, so when there is a crisis we have nobody to answer the call except some security folks who while doing a noble job, probably are not equipped to deal with the wide range of services the government is in place to do, because THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO – WHAT THE INDIVIDUALS CANNOT DO.

Tax cuts – the GOP won’t vote for a tax cut for middle America, but will hold 98% of the country hostage for the wealthy to get their cut.  But they want  taxes to be cut and no deficit, two great yet contradictory goals.  Everybody wants a balanced budget and no deficit.  They they have  “packaged” these populist views together in a very vague way, and that is not an accident.  It is vague because the truth is  you cannot have tax cuts and a balanced budget, because the number of programs you would have to cut for this to occur would mean you will not have a government.  It is simply rhetoric, that’s the truth, not very sexy, not a good marketing the tool the truth is it?

Government bails outs -end TARP! Another “pledge” – here’s the truth, remember that was a Republican initiative.

It is nothing more than a marketing plan, on par with marketing a magic pill that promises if you take it you too will lose 20 pounds in 10 days and eat anything you want while laying on the couch and watching TV.  The only thing the GOP has left out is Ron Popeil coming out and asking..how much would you pay for this?  But wait!!! There is more!  America if you buy this marketing propaganda and pay for it with your vote for anybody who is running on this platform, you will be paying dearly.  The small print that nobody is reading in this pledge says, we are the same people who brought the US economy crashing down, caused the world to teeter on economic disaster and given just half a chance we will finish the job.  Don’t be sold on marketing, look at the issues, look at the truth.  The truth is a bitter pill to swallow and these folks are just selling “Dr. Feelgood’s Magic Elixir”

Sources: too many to name..but here are a few






Affordable Care Act GOP’s ‘Pledge To America’
Insurance Across State Lines Allows for the creation of State Health Insurance Compacts – permits states to enter into agreements to allow for the sale of insurance across state lines. (SEC. 1333; p. 100-101) “We will allow individuals to buy health care coverage outside of the state in which they live. ” (p. 15)
High-Risk Insurance Pools The states and the federal government have already established high-risk insurance pools to provide temporary coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions until 2014. (SEC. 1101; p. 30-33) “We will expand state high-­‐risk pools, reinsurance programs and reduce the cost of coverage” (p. 15)
Pre-Existing Conditions Children cannot be denied coverage starting today, but beginning in 204, insurers must accept everyone who applies. (SEC. 2702-2705; p. 46-51) “We will make it illegal for an insurance company to deny coverage to someone with prior coverage on the basis of a pre-­‐existing condition.” (p. 15)
Lifetime and Annual Caps A health insurer cannot impose lifetime limits and will be prohibited from placing annual limits on plans beginning in 2014. (SEC. 2711; p. 14) “[E]liminate annual and lifetime spending caps” (p.15)
Recissions A health insurance issuer cannot rescind a policy except for in cases of fraud. (SEC. 2712; p. 14) “[P]revent insurers from dropping your coverage just because you get sick.” (p.15)
State Innovation States can receive waives from certain requirements if they can cover the uninsured and lower health costs in a more innovative manner. (SEC. 1332; p. 98-100) “We will incentivize states to develop innovative programs that lower premiums and reduce the number of uninsured Americans.” (p.15)
Conscience Protections The law does not affect existing conscience protections or discriminate “on the basis of the willingness or refusal to provide, pay for, cover, or refer for abortion or to provide or participate in training to provide abortion.” (SEC. 1303; p. 67) “We will also enact into law conscience protections for health care providers, including doctors, nurses, and hospitals.” (p.15)

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Of Qu’ran Burnings, Mosque Protests, Dachau and Auschwitz

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 24, 2010

Muslims praying at Dachau August 2010

Amid all the the intolerance the US has been embroiled in the past few months, there was a beacon of hope out there…faintly shining, but shining none the less.  A group of eight Muslim American Imams outside the Dachau concentration camp in Germany prostrated themselves in prayer.  The clerics were part of President Obama’s envoy to combat anti-Semitism on a trip to Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps.  Accompanying the clerics were  current and former US officials from the Reagan,  Bush and Obama administrations who joined Hannah Rosenthal.  Rosenthal  lost much of her family in  Auschwitz.

Max Mannheimer, 90, who survived Auschwitz and Dachau, shows the delegates the number imprinted on his arm as he recounts his war- time experience.

The consensus of the group was the trip was transformational.  They issued the following statement:

We met survivors who, several decades later, vividly and bravely shared their horrific experience of discrimination, suffering, and loss. We saw the many chilling places where men, women and children were systematically and brutally murdered by the millions because of their faith, race, disability and political affiliation.

In Islam, the destruction of one innocent life is like the destruction of the whole of humanity and the saving of one life is like the saving of the whole of humanity (Holy Qu’ran, al-Ma’idah “the Tablespread” 5:32). While entire communities perished by the many millions, we know that righteous Muslims from Bosnia, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, and Albania saved many Jews from brutal repression, torture and senseless destruction.

We bear witness to the absolute horror and tragedy of the Holocaust where over twelve million human souls perished, including six million Jews.

We condemn any attempts to deny this historical reality and declare such denials or any justification of this tragedy as against the Islamic code of ethics.

We condemn anti-Semitism in any form. No creation of Almighty God should face discrimination based on his or her faith or religious conviction.

We stand united as Muslim American faith and community leaders and recognize that we have a shared responsibility to continue to work together with leaders of all faiths and their communities to fight the dehumanization of all peoples based on their religion, race or ethnicity. With the disturbing rise of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hatred, rhetoric and bigotry, now more than ever, people of faith must stand together for truth.

Together, we pledge to make real the commitment of “never again” and to stand united against injustice wherever it may be found in the world today.

Imam Muzammil Siddiqi

Islamic Society of Orange County, Calif.

Chairman, Fiqh Council of North America

Imam Muhamad Maged

All-Dulles-Area Muslim Society

Dulles, Va.

Vice President, Islamic Society of North America

Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed

National Director

Office of Interfaith & Community Services

Islamic Society of North America

Washington, D.C.

Imam Suhaib Webb

Muslim Community Association

Santa Clara, Calif.

Ms. Laila Muhammad

Daughter of the late Imam W.D. Muhammad

Chicago, Ill.

Shaikh Yasir Qadhi

Dean of Academics

Al Maghrib Institute

New Haven, Conn.

Imam Syed Naqvi


Islamic Information Center

Washington, D.C.

Imam Abdullah T. Antepli

Muslim Chaplain

Duke University

Durham, N.C.

Ironically, no good deed goes unpunished, Anti-Defamation League’s Abe Foxman lobbied U.S. officials against participating.

Rest assured I didn’t find this story on Fox news, but rather CNN, which caused me to poke around a bit more.





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Lighter Side of Egyptian Life – MTV

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 22, 2010

Hakim Asalaamu Alekum (Peace be upon you)

If there is one thing you will notice in this crazy, complicated city called Cairo, is everybody has a sense of humor, you have to, otherwise you will never survive.  Hakim is a popular artist who is absolutely delightful to watch, this is an older video, but I love it.  You don’t need to speak or understanding Arabic in detail, the refrain is Asalaamu Alekum – a common Arabic greeting, meaning peace be upon you….enjoy

Here’s Hakim and The Godfather of Soul…James Brown

Nancy Agram – her breakthrough song…refrain….if you are going to get mad at me just get half mad

Rough translation..very rough

Yup and a Half

There’s nothing that could come of this
Calm down, my darling, and be like you used to be
Listen to me, kid
And you’ll spoil me and win me over as well

Darling come here
Look look look
You’re mad? Get mad
Get mad but, but just half mad
Otherwise I’ll stay away from you
Get away, yup and a half (meaning definitely)
And for sure you’ll be the loser

Why all this?
Why are you acting like this?
You don’t usually get bored
I’m tired, I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights
Calm down, that’s enough, shame on you

This is a tiresome thing and as much as I’m a good person
I’ve been putting up with you for so long
Darling look how many years I’ve been patient
It’s taken so much of my time

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Mid Term Elections – Proof that the Recession is Over

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 21, 2010

Recession officially over...just ask the Tea Party Express

If you were at all in doubt that the recession is over and still need some evidence look no further than right wing nut jobs Tea Party endorsed candidates.  The recession must be over and we have money to burn, otherwise why would anybody pour their hard earned dollars into liars, nuts and freaks marginal, at best, candidates?

Let’s take a quick look…

Christine O’Donnel – that witch craft dabbling, unemployed, professional candidate, degree challenged, insolvent,  chastity belt wearing non  masturbating, 41 year old virgin candidate from Delaware.  The Tea Party Express dropped $250,000 into her account shortly before the primaries, and she has raised about $1 million .

Nevada must be doing damn well! Who said unemployment was bad for politics?  14% unemployment has translated into a million dollars for  Sharron Angle.  Exactly where that money has come from is a bit mysterious, but hey, it spends just the same.  Rest assured your tax dollars with Sharron Angle will never go to education, environmental protection,  or social security to name a few.

Joe Miller, from Alaska came from no where with help of a $600,000 injection from the Tea Party Express knows that recession is over, just don’t ask him to explain the US Constitution.

America, sleep easy tonight, because we have proof that the recession is over, instead of lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills, we are emptying our fat wallets into the coffers of those parasites called Tea Party Candidates.  Now that these societal piranhas candidates are running under the GOP ticket even money will be flowing in…

An interesting note here if you go to http://www.teapartyexpress.org/ as of today there are only  contribution links,  three to be exact…one for Sharon Angle, one for Christine O’Donnell and finally Joe Miller.  No links to even say who this organization is, no information about a  mission statement, no information saying we are operating under IRS rules etc….BUT they do have a catchy little saying…”Liberty at the Ballot Box” – I wonder does that come after they rape your wallet?

Sources: http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100904/NEWS02/9040340/&template=artiphone


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Sarah Palin Message to Iowa: Great Awakening aka The Dark Ages Revisited

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 18, 2010

The Leader of the New Dark Age - Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin delivered a 30 minute speech that should ring alarm bells in each and every American. Calling this election cycle “the great awakening of America.” If Palin and her brand of “prayer warriors” actually get elected it is not the “Great Awakening” it is a revival of the Dark Ages – for everyone.
Palin managed to once again show that she has absolutely no working knowledge of foreign policy by suggesting the Middle East peace process as one that “picks a fight over housing policy with Israel,” thus reducing settlement building on the West Bank to the level of a zoning dispute. Her handlers need to sit Sarah down and explain this “zoning dispute” is viewed as illegal by every single country on the face of the planet, and even Israel acknowledges this “zoning dispute” by referring to it as the “occupied territories” – occupied is a key phrase here Sarah.
If this is a teaser for a run for President in 2012 – she told Fox news that she would run if she thinks the country is ready to be shaken up…shaken? How about the word destroyed? You can’t run a country via Facebook and Twitter.   She has managed to further divide the Republican party with intra-party Cannibalism, illustrating that this woman does not have the ability to unite people, let alone politicians.
In a wonderful irony Palin went after one of her favorite targets — the “lamestream media.” She said that by “claiming the right to print and say anything,” the media was disrespecting U.S. troops, who are “willing to fight and die for our constitutional rights, including that right to free press.” This statement shows a complete disconnect from reality and Sarah Palin’s own world. Does she forget that she was the one who created and owns some of the biggest lies out there? Remember the great “death panel” lie. Not to mention some of the most vile tweets ranging from “crosshairs” references to weighing in on Islam and the Park 51 project, even after Gen. Petraus cautioned people that vile rhetoric is putting US soldiers and civilians at risk.
I find it puzzling and frightening for the self professed leader of the Tea Party and her endorsed right wing nut job candidates – a group of people who claim they want a smaller government, would in fact if they had it their way would be inviting government imposed control into some of the most private parts of your life. Christine O’Donnell would oppose abortion even in the case of rape. How much more intrusive can the government get? For the record I am Catholic, and abortion is not the first choice in birth control for me, but I also respect the right of each individual to make their own choice. Take away choice and we are back to women visiting quack doctors in back alleys.
This group of Tea Party nut job candidates would go even further if given the opportunity to shove their brand of religion down your throat. Do I believe in God? Yes. Does my religion have an impact in my life? Yes. But I also respect other people’s right to worship or NOT to worship as THEY see fit, not as I see fit. Respect for individual freedoms is not a rallying cry for the Tea Party candidates. Sharon Angle certainly isn’t going to advocate for individual rights if you happen to be gay. The idea of separation of Church and State is completely foreign to Angle. Angle has said with respect to entitlement programs “these programs that you mentioned — that Obama has going with Reid and Pelosi pushing them forward — are all entitlement programs built to make government our God. And that’s really what’s happening in this country is a violation of the First Commandment. We have become a country entrenched in idolatry, and that idolatry is the dependency upon our government.” This is not a political argument or a policy debate, she has framed this as a religious decree – and that is dangerous.
No Sarah you are not the leader of a Great Awakening, you are the leader of the New Dark Age.

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Rally to Restore Sanity – Finally A Rally I Can Support!

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 18, 2010

Finally, a rally we can all support..thank you Jon Stewart!

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Christine O’Donnell’s Former Aide “Comes” Out…Again

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 17, 2010

In case you missed it Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell – right wing nut job, religious zealot, homophobic, but just your average American will be the Republican choice to run for Senate in Delaware…

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Anthony Weiner – The Truth Shall Set You Free

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on September 16, 2010

I think I am about to have a love affair…and his name is Anthony Weiner, who said CSPAN isn’t sexy?

Republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry….

This man has balls…

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