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The Sky Is Falling, House Prices Are Falling!

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on August 25, 2010

The Sky is Falling! House Prices are Falling!

It often helps to put a bit of reality into a situation…the chants of the sky is falling and it is Obama’s fault started yesterday.  Stats are wonderful, but like everything else put it in perspective…

  • Real estate prices have further – perhaps much further – to fall.

Inventory overhang still significant. The following may be helpful:

  • Median wages fell 0.3% between 2000-07; unable to support higher home values; prices are now reverting to the long-term mean.
  • 3 reasons to buy a home. In order of importance: 1) roof over your head, 2) tax breaks 3) possibility of price gains. 1 & 2 are guaranteed
  • The extraordinary gains in real estate between ‘01-’07 have only been seen once before – right after WWII, another unusual period.
  • Data going back to the 19th century: real estate appreciates about 1.5% beyond inflation. Yet people think the ’01-’07 period was normal.

Let me give credit where credit is due..this comes from twitter http://twitter.com/westwingreport  – excellent source, verified, well informed, follow!


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