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Muslims in the Pentagon

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on August 22, 2010

Another protest in NY over the mosque, yet every day quietly, unassumingly Muslims are gathering in the Pentagon and praying.  While there  is no “mosque” in the Pentagon, according to Army spokesman George Wright. There is a chapel inside the Pentagon where Muslim employees can go to pray, as ABC News recently reported. It’s just not exclusive to followers of Islam.

The Pentagon’s non-denominational chapel was built and dedicated in 2002 in honor of Pentagon employees and passengers of American Airlines Flight 77 who died in the terrorist attack on the building on Sept. 11, 2001. The chapel was constructed at the site where the hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon nearly nine years ago.

Wright said the  chapel, which can seat about 100 people, hosts services throughout the week for Pentagon employees of various faiths including Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Episcopalians, Hindus and Muslims. Wright said that the chapel’s schedule for the week of August 16 actually includes daily mass for Catholics; Bible study sessions for Protestants, Jews and members of the Church of Latter Day Saints; as well as a prayer service for Muslims.

Isn’t it ironic, a landmark, so very powerful, which was directly struck on 9/11 and houses the nation’s security, has some how managed not to make religion an issue?  Too bad Pamela Geller can’t take a lesson.


4 Responses to “Muslims in the Pentagon”

  1. Great post! If they did it in Washington with no hoopla, why not New York too? Damning an entire religion for the acts of a fundamentalist few is so ignorant, so bigoted, something I thought was so un-American.

    I’ve got a post on this topic as well. Comments are welcome!

    By the way, if you’re blaming Pamela Geller, you’ve gotta give some credit to the folks over at Fox News too. They’re just as crazy as she is. 🙂


  2. gesvol said

    I do believe this has a lot to do with racism. I just saw a YouTube video where a black man just happened to be walking through where the anti-Mosque protesters were located and got verbally abused by the crowd (with one man basically challenging him to a fight). Now there was absolutely no reason to think that the guy was a Muslim, and he even said that he wasn’t, and yet he got attacked anyway. So it sure looked like the real issue was the amount of pigment in his skin.

    Now this would be bothersome enough on its own. But what is really bothering me is why, if the polls are to be believed, is the majority of Americans (even the majority of non-whites) buying what these racists are selling?

    • I would love to find and believe another reason besides racism – I keep looking.
      The real challenge is so how do we confront it? If you call somebody on the carpet about being a racist, if they have any sense they are going to deny being a racist and find another reason…and what better reason/distraction can you think of that to make it a patriotic issue? Wrap the flag around an open wound, and tie it up with a bow, profess to love your country? Seems to be working.

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