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Obama Supports Ground Zero Mosque

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on August 15, 2010

Pres. Obama supports the building of the Mosque, no he doesn’t say this is the best idea ever, but what he is saying is much, much more important than that.  He was walking the high wire on this, and he did it well.  Keep in mind this is a man who has a middle name of HUSSEIN, as we all know this has been used against him from the beginning.  Never mind the fact that he is not a Muslim, and if he were so what?  He had to know this was going to be food for the mill, but he also knew this is not about the mosque, this is about our Constitution, the cornerstone of our country,  the one that gives us freedom of religion.  We cannot abandon those principles.  It applies for all or it applies to none.  The world is watching, and I am not just speaking about the Muslim world, I am speaking about the world.  We are held to a higher degree of accountability, particularly after the Iraq war.  You cannot garner world support if you do not hold up your own principles on your own land.  You cannot condemn other governments for denying people the right to worship as they see fit, i.e. Iran and Bahai’s.   If in the United States of America the government comes in and blocks a mosque solely on the principle of it may hurt somebody’s feelings we have lost the cornerstone of our freedoms.    I have heard some of the most bizarre arguments, including using the right of eminent domain.  To use eminent domain, the land must be put to public use.  To invoke this clause is ridiculous after 11 years…all of a sudden after 11 years this land is vital to public use? At least in the Pennsylvania case, the Government was active from the beginning with negotiating with the owners of the land.  That doesn’t apply here.  Nobody cared about this building until it became public news that an Islamic Culture Center was going to be built, then it became an issue.  Is there any other way to spin this other than the brutal truth of we are Islamaphobic?

Taking it a step further, even tho it is not at Ground Zero, it would in essence  would be opening to the path for the government to take all of lower Manhattan when the mood struck, and that is some pricey real estate.  Do the residence, building owners  of lower Manhattan really want to open themselves up for this?

The world is watching, watching to see if America can live up to its principles, live up to its Constitution.  Can we walk the walk?  What I find so ironic, some of the most vocal outrage seems to be coming from the Conservative Right – the same people who profess to idolize Ronald Reagan.  They forget that it was in 1988,  under Reagan, Congress passed and  signed legislation which apologized for the internment  of Japanese citizens in the US during World War II.  An apology on behalf of the  US government.  The legislation stated that government actions were based on “race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership”.   We cannot let history repeat itself, discredit our country and our professed beliefs because of some grossly distorted fears and misinformation.

I included below a video of ITN – a news organization based in the UK..sorta interesting to see how the outside world covers the US


4 Responses to “Obama Supports Ground Zero Mosque”

  1. Islam WILL DOMINATE!!!

    • Why do you use the language of dominate? And how can you paint an entire religion with one broad brush? Christianity hasn’t had all that good of a track record with human rights and tolerance either. We forget our own history, and for some reason we think that the history of Islam began with 9/11. I have said it before and I will continue to say it…Islam did not attack the US, extremists attacked the US.

  2. gesvol said

    I don’t know. I just find it hard to believe that a group that asks a community advisory board for permission to build a building as dominating.

    Of course, I also can’t see how a facility that includes a swimming pool, gym, auditorium, restaurant, culinary school, art exhibitions, library, childcare services, and a 9/11 memorial that is open to the public can be at all threatening or offensive. Actually it sounds like just about the coolest place ever. But I guess 70% of Americans disagree, so I am out of the mainstream on this one.

    They may be forced to move this. I don’t think that is going to speak well of us as a country.

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