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Mama Grizzlies – Teaching the Young to Hunt Palin Style

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on August 5, 2010

Bristol and Sarah Palin

Bristol and Sarah Palin

It is no secret that I am not a fan of Sarah Palin – nor am I ever likely to be a convert. While I can be some what “snarky” with Sarah, this is really not a post meant to poke, it is really a disturbing personal event we are witnessing, so very, very publicly. I am of course referring to Bristol Palin.
I recall having a conversation where the subject came up that everything in the animal kingdom was either about food, sex, or power. Conversely with human beings we operate on fear and greed. We were talking about dogs and cats, at the time I had a semi – feral cat who decided to honor me and have her kittens by my front door. Of course I put out food and water for them. As I watched the kittens grow Mama Kitty started to acclimate them to life in the “jungle”. One morning I opened the door and there was evidence of take out dinner – a mouse tail. A few days later I kept hearing this “thump” “whack” “thump” at the door and ignored it, I assumed it was the kittens playing. After awhile I opened the door and there were feathers, evidence of another meal. While Mama knew she could count on me for food and water, she still knew she had a responsibility to teach those babies to survive. Instinct as it were. Slowly, but surely the kittens were outsted by Mama, except one. She tried to oust her but she kept returning. She knew that there was always food and water at my front door, and that need was over powering, survival.
I look at this sad story of a young girl who became pregnant out of wedlock – not the first time it has happened and it won’t be the last time, it happens in the best and worst of families. It is a situation that may make for some uncomfortable moments, but nobody ever died of embarrassment. There is nothing like having children to give you a reality check as a parent. It begs the question … what kind of family values is this? No, I am not talking about the pregnancy. I am talking about everything that has transpired since… what a Mama Grizzly has evidently taught her young with regards to survival – to seek out the media, the limelight and receive payment.
I remember watching Sarah and Bristol on Oprah. The thing that struck me was this young girl is extremely uncomfortable on camera. Nothing was natural, nothing was comfortable. It was like watching a poorly rehearsed 4th grade Christmas pageant…where the lines were recited from memory. Watching this Mama Grizzly basically prostitute her child out for the media, trying to capitalize on what was obviously a trying time in this young woman’s life just struck me as wrong, plain and simple – wrong. Encouraging her to to the “circuit” and talk about teen age pregnancy was not this young woman’s forte. Is it any wonder that she announced her engagement to Levi via a magazine? And then the breaking of the engagement via another magazine?
She has taught Bristol how to hunt, how to hunt for the media spot light, how to negotiate a payment for a story. Some how I think that kind of hunting is dangerous, and sooner or later the hunter becomes the hunted.


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