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Oh My! Could this be True? Fox News Bomb

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on July 25, 2010

America's # 1 News Channel is owned by Whom?

I just can’t resist this one, perhaps for some this is old news but for me it was certainly an “awakening” of epic proportions and of course when I thought about the irony I laughed until tears rolled down my face.  But I digress…so what has this monkey laughing like a hyena?  Fox News – Conservative America’s favorite news station, the news station that inflames, incites, promotes Islamaphobia,  anti – Arab propaganda, instills fear that we are being invaded by all those foreigners wanting to destroy our way of life…you know the station.   We all know that Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian, but those Australians are “white” like us so its ok but did you know that the largest shareholder outside of the Murdoch family is ..wait for it…here it comes … an ARAB! Saints preserve us we are all damned!

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal (also spelled Waleed bin Talal) is a member of the Saudi Royal Family.  Last year he was listed as #22 on the world’s richest people.  His company – Kingdom Holding Company – *snickers* for the record that Kingdom is referring to the Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA – is the largest shareholder of News Corp outside of Robert Murdoch.

To recap…the # 1 and #2 top shareholders in America’s  favorite  news source that keeps us all aware of the impending dangers of Moslems and Mosques, the channel that warns us all that the American spirit of capitalism is being undermined by socialism, is controlled by two NON AMERICANS?

Somebody better tell Sarah her paycheck is coming from a Moslem..*snort*

Certainly this is proof that God has a sense of humor…

Update:  What was that noise?  Was that the sound of a Conservative’s head exploding? mwwwwwhahahaha

E tu brute?

E tu Brute? (Betrayed by Fox)


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