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The Week in Review and an “Award”

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on July 24, 2010

The Week in Review

  • Let’s start with my favorite target, Sarah Palin.  Seems Facebook automatically deleted her hate inspired post about the mosque at Ground Zero…and the problem is?  What could she possibly ‘refudiate’? mmmmmmmmmwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh  Keeping in the Palin family zoo – Bristol and Levi of course are back together.. announced via a magazine (US Weekly) without the mama grizzly’s knowledge.  But rumor has it after Bristol and Levi’s cover on the magazine, sales were disappointing.

A source reveals:  “Last week sales figures for Us Weekly were a huge disappointment.
After spending that sort of money, Us was hoping to sell over a million copies; instead they only sold around 750,000. Don’t expect to see any of the Palins on a cover of any other [celebrity] weeklies any time soon.  Sexy Sarah was asking for $150K for the staged photos and make-up
interview between her and Levi, but it was quickly reduced to $10,000
and STILL no takers!

  • BP – it’s still flowing.
  • Andrew Breitbart destroyed Shirley Sherrod’s life with a maliciously edited video and of course Fox News jumped on board, along with the “administration”.  Was this a teachable moment?  Something along the lines of VERIFY your sources…and curb those knee jerk reactions?
  • Freedom of speech is alive and well in the USA – we do not require you to show that you have any common sense before you spew something out into cyberspace or organize a Koran Burning day under the guise of religion –  Dove World Outreach Center   – makes a monkey wonder if they are using the Reader’s Digest Version of the Bible and perhaps some critical things have been left out.

This week’s Monkey Throwing Feces Award goes to………all of them…they are all outstanding examples of what is wrong.


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