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Rabid Monkey Rant Fox News and Quasi News Sites & Hate Mongers

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on July 21, 2010

Rabid Monkey Rant

Ok, I am just foaming at the mouth, and I feel the vein in my forehead about to explode.   Why you ask?  Biggovernment.com  –  Fox News  – Tea Party activist Andrew Breitbart – Sherrod.

To recap – media whore Andrew Breitbart, you remember him from the ACORN fiasco? breaks a story of reverse discrimination.   Fox news runs with the story  that occurred  24 years ago by playing a video clip showing a Ms. Sherrod who happens to be black, and was working for a non profit group at the time  telling a story about how she didn’t give a white farmer her “full” help.  Well guess what, that video was edited, the full video was released, and it wasn’t a case of discrimination, it was a story of enlightenment.  The Monday excerpt excluded the end of Sherrod’s story, seen Tuesday, in which she talks of helping save the white farmer’s property from foreclosure.
Sherrod learned that the plight of poverty goes beyond race. “When I made that commitment I was making that commitment to black people and to black people only,” she said in the video released Tuesday. “But you know, God will show you things. … You realize that the struggle is really about poor people.”  The people that she helped, came out and defended her.

Ok, so my point?!  These quasi-news sites, under the guise of Conservative Patriotic Americans are like a cancer and need to be surgically cut out – Biggovernment.com and Brietbart.com need to go.  Fox News needs to remind itself of the basic rule of journalism, verify your sources.  I know that is a new concept for Fox, since it sells sizzle and spin, as opposed to facts.  I am still waiting for their lead story to be “I was abducted by Aliens and now I’m pregnant”.  At this point the National Enquirer has more credibility than they do…but folks keep on tuning in.    This story had the potential to absolutely destroy this woman’s life.  That is exactly what it set out to do.  What is it going to take before all those who tune into Fox for their news realize it isn’t news?  Does Fox have to step into your life and ruin in?

Once upon a time somebody said the pen is mightier than the sword – these toxic, cancerous philosophies will be the undoing of a great nation.  America wake up, get the facts, not the sizzle, the facts.  For all that we have accomplished with regards to race, we really haven’t come very far.  There is a group of folks who look just like me I am ashamed to say… white, Christians who are so afraid of losing whatever “mythical” superiority they feel entitled to, they will resort to anything.  They tried to do it with Obama and his birth certificate, even tho that has be de-bunked time and time again, people are still harping on it.  They want to paint him as Hilter, as a Marxist, a Communist, a Socialist.  They are doing it to Islam, spreading fear and hatred with absolute untruths.  Have no fear, soon something near and dear to you too will become a target if these people are left unchecked.

The Tea Party is starting to catch on with the ousting of Mark Williams, but I fear it is too little too late – let’s be honest anybody who can get excited about Sarah Palin has some major credibility issues to begin with.

Pres. Obama – shame on you for letting yourself have such a knee jerk reaction and buying into this bullshit and allowing the “administration” to fire this woman.  I had more faith in you than that.  Yes, I know the apology etc…but you know what, it was just flat wrong.  Isn’t there something about being innocent until proven guilty?

So here’s a message to all those hate mongers, racist, conspiracy loving, right wing nut jobs, all you folks  hiding behind the American flag, the Tea Party, Fox News, the gig is up.


2 Responses to “Rabid Monkey Rant Fox News and Quasi News Sites & Hate Mongers”

  1. gesvol said

    It is mind boggling to me that Obama’s administration took a story from Breitbart/Fox News at face value. Especially after the phony ACORN videos. I would almost say they were just too lazy to deal with it and just decided they would make it go away. But when you are dealing with real people’s lives, you just can’t do that!

    • I had a similar conversation – and what occurs to me is that there was/is so much heat about dropping the “New Black Panther” voter intimidation case – that this was just a knee jerk reaction – while I’d like to give Pres. Obama more credit on this one I just can’t, the thinking behind it I can’t help but believe was I can’t afford politically or any other way for that matter to be seen as a black man, the first black President – and be perceived as ignoring or giving a pass to wrong actions by black people. Ok, having said that – I was listening to NPR and they had on (for the life of me I cannot remember her name, she is a black woman who is on CNN as a democratic political analyst..) but I digress, the point she was making is we have to develop a new vocabulary, a new paradigm. While we think we have come so far in terms of racism, gender equality etc, we don’t yet have a handle on the vocabulary, we are still uncomfortable addressing the issue. In some ways it reminded me of the a kid in school who happened to be unfortunate enough for his mom or dad to be the principal, if the kid screwed up, the punishment was going to have to be twice as hard. That kid was Shirley Sharrod.
      Having said all of that – the other point to be made is – this White House, as all White Houses before listen to public opinion, it is politics. The difference is this White House is wired into technology in a big way, and as we have progressed to literally watching the news unfold before us 24/7,( I think they thought ok, let’s jump on this, not let it be an issue to be exploited. Obviously wrong thinking, but as you said why would anybody believe Breitbart and Fox? Like it or not Fox has huge ratings, people tune in, which is just frightening, and if the a large number of people are getting their “news” from Fox, you have to pay attention to what Fox is saying. Which is just frightening.
      The good news in all of this? Maybe .. just maybe this will start to discredit some of these right wing nut job quasi news sites, and make a dent in the armor of Fox. Enough to give a monkey indigestion.

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