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Can God Survive Religion? Part III – Islam and Getting the Vocabulary Right – Infidel

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on July 21, 2010

The word is “infidel” and it is a loaded word, in today’s world it invokes an array of dis-information and extremism.  Let me take away the mystery of this word with the truth.

Derived from the Arabic  word Kufr, Kafar, Kafir – it implies a deliberate rejection of Faith –  read that again please…a deliberate rejection of faith, a looser translation would be an unbeliever.  Arabic is a very rich language, did you know that there are over 500 words for the word lion?  I bring this point up because you cannot read Arabic, or understand the word unless you read the entire context.   When I decided to write this particular post, I showed a Muslim sheik what I had found with regards to the word Kafir on the net, in essence because it has appeared on “Wikipedia” it has therefore taken as truth, the explanations do not take into account the richness of the Arabic language, the evolution of a language that is thousands of years old.

Let me be very clear, it does not mean that anybody who is  not a Moslem is an infidel. A hadith (which is a record of the sayings of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).  It is a further explanation – it is a supplemental to the Koran.  If there was a question about a passage in the Koran, the Prophet would elaborate on it, while it is not the word of God – it is sacred text)  exists where it warns very clearly, that you should exercise great caution on whom you call an infidel, if you are incorrect and accuse or call somebody an infidel, the burden, the penalty of your actions if you are wrong is that you are the infidel.  The law of karma in full effect – what goes around comes around.

The next point is too critical to understand – it is the point that I have heard time and time again spewed forth – Christians and Jews are infidels.  This simply is not true.  Moslems can marry a Christian or a Jew.  Christians and Jews believe in God.  They are not atheist, they are not polytheists – the God of a Christian, the God of a Jew and the God of a Muslim is the same God.  Do you think that if Christians or Jews were infidels that Islam would permit the marriage between a Moslem and a Christians?

An infidel, or an unbeliever is one who does not belief in God, Allah, G-d, Yaweh, whatever term you want to use for The One God.  Interestingly enough as far back as the sixteenth century Christians have historically viewed Muslims as infidels.  Go figure?


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