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Can God Survive Religion? Part II – Islam and Getting the Vocabulary Right

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on July 19, 2010


Here’s another “misconception” we have about Islam, another definition we need to understand.  Madressa.  Some where along the way somebody wrote a book, describing a Madressa as a place where young people are turned into radical extremist, and it has become a politically perverted word.  Here’s the truth – a madressa is a school, secular or religious, it is simply any place of education.  Nothing more, nothing less.  You and I went to a madressa, we send our children to a madressa.   When little Billy and Janie go to Sunday school they are going to a madressa.

As the Islamic empire developed it was not much different than the development of the USA, the centers of a community focused on schools, hospitals and churches.  It just happened to be instead of a church it was a mosque.

A couple of points to ponder….

  • There is a school of thought (no pun intended)that says the concept of a degree, i.e. bachelors or masters may have originated with Islamic madressas.
  • Women were highly encouraged to attend madressas as early as 750 – not sure we can say that same opportunity existed for  European men, let alone women.

So the next time somebody says…”You know Barrack Obama went to a madressa.”  You can respond with full faith and confidence that you are absolutely correct when you say to them….and so did you.


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