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Sarah Palin – Purse Strings and Polls

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 26, 2010

Time to "shore up that account"

It seems that once again, Sarah has crossed that line in ethics…. Supporters of Sarah Palin have 90 days to return nearly $400,000 in donations raised by her legal defense trust after an investigator ruled the fund ran afoul of state ethics laws. The defense fund – established in April 2009 when Palin was governor of Alaska – was deemed unlawful because organizers used the word “official” to describe the fund on its website and appointed a public employee with ties to Palin to serve as its trustee. “The Trust, and its website soliciting donations, if the funds were to be accepted by Governor Palin, would violate the Ethics Act by using the Governor’s official position for personal gain,” Tim Petumenos, the Anchorage attorney hired to investigate the matter, concluded Thursday in his report.

“Governor Palin has reached a point where she decided to agree to resolve this matter with the investigator rather than spend time and money fighting an ethics complaint about a fund that was created to reimburse her for the money she has spent fighting bogus ethics complaints drawn up by insiders and outsiders violating and abusing Alaska law,” Stapleton said in a post on Sarah’s face bookpage.

Uh huh, right.  See Sarah words, and a working knowledge of how to string them together to convey an accurate and truthful idea are important.

She still hasn’t learned that when you put a spin on things, somebody, some where is going to look at it when your past is littered with other “spins”…speaking of spins let’s talk about the polls..

Want this endorsement?

According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey, 52 percent of adults would respond in a negative manner if they knew Palin endorsed a candidate they were considering voting for.

Specifically, 15 percent of those surveyed said they would “have some reservations” about a candidate whom Palin backed while 37 percent responded they would be “very uncomfortable” if the Alaska governor had lent her support. Only 25 percent said they would react positively toward a candidate carrying Palin’s stamp of approval. The survey, conducted on June 17-21, interviewed 1000 adults and carries a sampling error of plus or minus three percent.

Gee really?  How come nobody ever calls me to poll me?


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