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Musing about Civility and Decorum

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 23, 2010

Emily what must you be thinking of us in 2010?

I feel the need to immediately enter the following disclaimer:  I can be a sarcastic, caustic, acerbic bitch, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know better.

Ok, now that is out of the way and onto the post.

As I surf the net listening to the chatter in cyberspace a few things occur to me.  Never before have we been able to interact with such a wide, massive scale of people at any place on the globe in a split second.  Never before have elected officials been so “close” to their constituents (no that does not necessarily  mean they are listening), but literally within seconds you can send off your opinion via email to your Congressman, Representative, even the President of the USA by simply clicking on the send button.   If you are not good at composing a letter don’t worry, you can do it in 140 characters or less with Twitter!  No need to worry about grammar, punctuation, capitalization..feel free to abbreviate.

With the internet the world has become a much smaller place, boundaries have fallen down, things that were once some what out of reach are fully accessible, and with that comes a price.   Some how in this age of instant access we have lost manners, civility and decorum.  It is an epidemic.

Of course there is the McChrystal interview – what happened to that idea of an officer and a gentleman?  Where is that archetype?  Have we completely destroyed it?  It is perfectly acceptable to spread vitriol – and yes I am guilty of it as well, but I would like to think at least I back up my vitriol with facts.  The vitriol that disturbs me the most is the chatter that I see on the internet.  Where it is perfectly acceptable to “tweet” out comments to the President of the United States (we have even reduced that office to POTUS in cyberspace) that are nothing short of vulgar and ignorant.  I often wonder if I met this anonymous “tweeter” at a social function, I would probably not associate them with such abusive attacks.  It seems that once we get behind the keyboard and have a degree of anonymity we lose all semblance of respectability.

Just food for thought..and sorry Emily, I fail you daily, but I really do know better….


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