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Israel Eases Blockade – Exactly What Does That Mean?

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 21, 2010

Israel Easing Blockade?

Bowing to international pressure Israel has decided to “ease” the blockade.   “From now on, there is a green light of approval for all goods to enter Gaza except for military items and materials that can strengthen Hamas’ military machine,” Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said. Great, but  what does that mean exactly?  Does that include cement to rebuild homes?  Or would that be something that would be deemed military use?  Of course the list is not published yet.

What about the goods flowing the other direction?  What about allowing the Palestinians some type of economic empowerment?  I often think of George W. Bush and his statement about Japan being one of our strongest allies.  Yes, after dropping two nuclear bombs on them, that is quite a feat – and no I am not being flippant.  Once people are economically empowered alot can happen.  The US currently has an unemployment rate hovering around +-10%, and people are angry.   Take that 10% and multiply it by 4, over 40% of the people in Gaza are unemployed.  They do not have the option of moving to look for work, they are trapped.  If you are unemployed in Texas, you can always pick up and go look for work in California.  If you are unemployed in Gaza, you can’t pick up.  When you have 80% of the population relying completely on charity for daily living, you have removed dignity, you have removed hope.

Give people economic empowerment, and dignity you give them hope.  I am a skeptic, I admit, nothing ever seems to be in the “light of day” with Israel, there is always an alternate agenda in play, but one can always hope.

“I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be. ”
Thomas Jefferson


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