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World Cup Fever – Jon Tae Se

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 18, 2010

I don’t know about the rest of you – but when I think football, I think guys in helmets and pads banging into each other all for the sake of a pigskin, and I sorta like it…but the rest of the world thinks soccer is football.    I am slowly becoming a fan, and I really have no choice since the world is consumed by it, and there are no greater soccer/football fans than in Egypt…

I was watching a match the other night between North Korean and Brazil, and I literally gasped in awe when I watched North Korean Jong Tae Se, crying during the North Korean National Anthem.  At first I thought I am missing something..then it occurred to me I wasn’t missing anything at all, here was somebody who was brought to tears during his national anthem, we all feel those stirring when we hear our national anthem.  Americans do not have the monopoly on the market of patriotism.  As I watched the game, with a group of confirmed Brazil supporters I might add, when North Korea scored a goal I found myself caught up in the moment and cheered and clapped!  Maybe it is because I always like to see the underdog win, Brazil was heavily favored…I think they rank Number 1  and North Korea is #105?   I realize in some Conservative folk’s book I have probably just committed treason and am a confirmed communist…As I write this, the US has just entered the field to play Slovenia, and I too get a lump in my throat when I hear my national anthem.  I will enjoy the game with Egyptians, British, Indian, Pakistani, Germans and an Australian..how’s that for a mix?  If admiring somebody from North Korea because of his patriotism doesn’t land me in hot water , I am sure they are clicking their tongues with disapproval at my choice of companions, and I am quite confident at this point they are putting a bounty on my head!

By the way here’s some info on Jon Tae Se:   a 3rd generation South Korean who was born in Nagoya, Japan to parents with South Korean citizenship. His mother identified herself as a North Korean and sent him to attend a  Chongyron school–private schools in Japan funded by N. Korea–where he started football at its elementary school club. After graduating from a local Chongryon high school, he attended Korean University in Japan, a private university in  Tokyo funded by the North Korean government.  He has never lived in North Korea, but chose  to trade his South Korean citizenship for a North Korean citizenship.   Since the South Korean government officially does not recognize North Korea as a country and also does not allow dual citizenship in the case of adult citizens and hence Jong was unable to give up his citizenship. Chongryon, the DPRK’s de facto embassy in Japan, issued a North Korean passport to him. This made him eligible, per FIFA rules, to play for the North Korean team despite being a South Korean citizen and resident of Japan.  Did you get all of that?


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