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Political Housekeeping – Random Thoughts of the Past Week Politically

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 18, 2010

Let’s see it’s been a busy week politically…where to start?

Wink Wink Sarah Revising History

Sarah Palin

This has to be one of the best quotes of the week…

And you can quote me…

“As Andrew Halcro, the bright and witty Anchorage based businessman who ran against Palin for governor in 2006, said: “Listening to Sarah Palin talk about the oil-and-gas industry is like listening to Bernie Madoff talk about safe investing; zero credibility.”  The Times Blog 6/16/10

Would somebody just stuff a salmon in that woman’s mouth, and turn off her computer?  The absurd things that comes out of this woman’s mouth is amazing, and one has to question what is it Fox is getting out of having her as a “host”?  Her exaggerations, and spins on reality leads one to believe she really is pathological.  This week she is professing to be an expert on energy issues.  How?  Expert?  Whom ever is handling Sarah before her talk show appearances obviously gives her a set of phrases to work into the interview.  These phrases are full of half truths and spins.  O’Reilly feeds her the lines as well,  this week her set up from O’Reilly was “there is not a governor in the United States who has more experience than you do dealing with the oil companies.”  First, she is not a governor, she quit, remember that, half way thru her term… and was found guilty of abuse of power.  Second, she also quit her appointed position to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission after serving little more than a year.

Back to her expertise, when O’Reilly asked her how to stop the spill…her response: The Dutch. They are known… and the Norwegian. They are known for — for dikes and for cleaning up water and for dealing with spills. (Do you suppose Sarah they could lend us the little Dutch to plug the leak with his finger?)  She then when on to outright lie – evidently she thinks that nobody will check her facts…she stated: I had to set up our Petroleum Systems Integrity Office [PSIO] so that we could be there on the front lines making sure what the oil companies were telling us was legit when they were dealing with their corroded pipes that we find out and other lax maintenance issues.  That’s not exactly true is it Sarah?  The previous governor Frank Murkowski, established the Arctic Pipeline Technology Team to “ensure the integrity of oil pipeline infrastructure and continued crude oil production.”  Long before Sarah was ever governor.  With all the revisionist history Sarah is pouring out, what could she be positioning herself for?  Will the American public continue to applaud like trained seals when she tells yet another lie? Wink Wink

Defender of Oil Company Campaign Contributors

Joe Barton and Rand Paul

Really when Rand Paul can commiserate with you, you know you screwed the pooch..”I don’t want to pile on him… I know what that feels like. What I will say is I have never liked the tone of the president when he said things or his administration says things like he is going to put the boot on the throat of BP… If we put BP out of business, they can’t pay for the cleanup.”  Wouldn’t it be nice if life was just so simple Rand?

According to CNN .. Joe Barton eventually apologized for his “shakedown comment”.  House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Virginia, delivered the pointed demand to Barton, a Texas congressman. “He was told apologize immediately or you will lose your position immediately,” said a Republican leadership aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The aide added, “Now that he’s apologized, we’ll see what happens going forward.”

One does have to wonder exactly how much money that Texas Congressman has received over the years as contributions to his political campaigns?

Emote for me!

Obama and Emoting

I was shocked to see how much time and effort the media was pouring into this whole idea about Pres. Obama not being angry enough, showing enough emotion.  Grow up!  I don’t care if he emotes or not, we all want results.  Results in this case are painfully slow in coming, agreed, but it is not for lack of trying or emoting.  This is  an unprecedented spill, Obama did not cause it, he did not blow up the rig because he had nothing else to do.  What he has done is keep his foot on the neck of BP, and rightly so.  His moratorium on off shore drilling is being met by cries of fear, we need that oil, it is the economy.  Let’s review – this oil spill has destroyed the economy of the gulf coast, and you think that it is wise to just go right on doing what has obviously failed miserably?   Of course if you listen to any of those “Conservative folks” he does nothing right, if he had not set up the fund for paying damages, they would have been outraged that he did not, but since he did he is now accused of destroying capitalism.  Here’s a newsflash for all those self proclaimed capitalist lovers, there is a cost of doing business, inherent risk, when you screw up, you pay.  That my Conservative capitalist lovers is capitalism, pure and simple.


Israel is easing the blockade –  gee thanks, do you think now those 1.5 million Palestinians can just go out and fill up their refrigerators?  How about being able to re-build their homes?   How about drinkable water?  The one thing that Israel may actually succeed in doing is uniting the Arabs – which would be quite an achievement, as I am convinced the only thing they agree on is that they don’t agree.  But there are some strange, and potentially strong alliances being formed..Iran, Syria,  Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt has opened the borders indefinitely.

Then of course there is the investigation into the flotilla, the fox in charge of the hen house.  But they have conceded to have two international observers on the panel.  I wonder if anybody who does not find in favor of Israel would be considered a self hating jew, like the Goldstone report.


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