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Nobody Puts on a Show Like God

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 18, 2010

God's Artistry

I’m back….sorta…internet connection stable, and life is delicious, how can it not be at the Red Sea?  I have been and continue to be one pampered monkey, a monkey could get used to a life like this!

But on a more spiritual note if you will…I have been blessed by such unique experiences all week, or more accurately I have taken the time to notice them, starting from the very first day…the “compound” for lack of a better word, as it is a combination of privately owned villas and a very small resort attached to it provides the perfect environment for just such an experience.  It is very private, at times you feel almost as if you are the only person on the face of the earth…which is exactly what this monkey needed…but I digress..my first “aha” moment came when I was floating in the beautiful, pristine clear  water made up varying shades of green to deep blue..a light breeze blowing…silence..the gentle lapping of the waves.  The tide was starting to go out..so in order for me to be neck deep in water I was quite far from the shoreline, I am terrible at distances, but I would guess 120 yards out…I looked around and there was only one other person in sight…right next to me, we are carrying on an idle conservation about nothing in particular, more or less enjoying the peaceful surroundings, looking at the shoreline, commenting on how far out we were..when I heard something, it caught my ear as a sound that was completely out of place for being in the middle of the Red Sea, so I did what we all do when we hear that noise in the car, either turn up the radio or just ignore it.  It was not to be so easily discouraged tho…I very quickly heard it again.

You know that moment when your primal instincts kick in, that moment when you can look at a situation, and everything slows down, your thoughts are perfectly lucid, well formed, and complex, and it all takes place in a split second?  I was having one of those…my thought was something like this…”Monkey there are no bulls in the Red Sea, or any water for that matter, you are not hearing a bull snorting.”  Keeping my voice calm and steady I looked at my sea companion and said to him…”What was that?  Did you hear that?”  The hair on my neck was standing up at this point, and again I hear this “snort” “smack” noise in rapid succession..I am looking into my sea companion’s eyes, thinking that if there is some great beasty that is about to swallow me up he would says something as he was looking behind me – at the open sea, while I was facing the shoreline….so he I thought would have a perfect view of this sea beasty.  Makes sense right?  Then I thought, what if he sees this great sea beasty and is speechless?  So I stared harder into his eyes, looking for that look at says he is terrified at what he is seeing over my shoulder.  It’s not there, I look harder, again I ask are you hearing this noise?  At which point I thought..Monkey you had better turn around and look for yourself, as this might be your last moments on the face of God’s earth…I inhaled deeply and mustering all the false bravery I could find turned to face the open sea, to face what ever sea “bull” was about to devour me.  I looked…I stared…then I heard it again, *Snort* *Smack*, then I saw it!  Or rather saw them…a school of dolphins, the *snort* evidently comes from their blow hole, and the *smack* from their tails when they hit the water.  I was mesmerized, shocked, excited, and frozen in place, they were probably 30 yards away and it seemed like there were dozens of them.  At that moment everything in the world went away, I was the only person on the face of the earth, I stood transfixed, absorbing this wonderful show that I felt certain, God had put on just for me.    I watched, I giggled, I clapped my hands, tears sprang to my eyes as I witnessed my private show,  I watched until they were out of sight, maybe 7 or 8 minutes – maybe two hours…I don’t know how long it lasted as I was completely lost in the moment – I tend to think the 7 or 8 minutes is more accurate.  As I turned to my sea companion – wanting to somebody to validate what we had just witnessed, I got an encore presentation…directly to my left a school of fish, these are small little non-descript fish maybe 2 inches long jumped in unison, not once but twice.  There must have been  a hundred of them, and when they came out of the water in unison forming a perfect arc again, I was stunned, and so very very grateful and humbled.  I bowed my head and thanked God for giving me such a beautiful show, humbled that in this world which can be so  very cruel, cold, calculating, selfish, cynical I was privileged to have that all melt away in a heartbeat.

As we headed towards shore I was lost in my own thoughts..forever grateful for the experience, forever etched in my mind.  Of course life, is not all dolphins and beaches, work invades, it is after all a working vacation for a monkey, and as the week has progressed, and reality has intruded I find myself easily going back to “center” by recalling my dolphin encounter.


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