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Helen Thomas – A Woman with A Pair! Get the hell out of Palestine!

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 7, 2010

This monkey has a new hero, her  name is  Helen Thomas and she has covered the white house for almost 60 years, the woman is living history.  She is probably one of the few individuals who remembers, and actually covered the creation of the state of Israel.   She was known for her famous press conference closing line, “Thank you, Mr. President.” – but as of late and in her most recent books she is direct, and her directness came into play on May 27, 2010…she was asked for any comments on Israel…she responded with “Tell ’em to get the hell out of Palestine, remember these people are occupied  and it’s their land, not German, not polish…”

She is absolutely right, and maybe that is the biggest lesson for EVERYBODY, diplomacy is not working with Israel, it is time for the world, it is time for the US to be direct.  She stated it beautifully and to the point, since when is it a problem to be direct? I’ll tell you when, when it comes to Israel, because we – the US in particular feel some type of misguided empathy, some type of responsibility for the holocaust, and Israel wears this badge with honor and has fully immersed itself into the “we are the victim” mentality.  The world has many badges of disgrace to wear, from the American Indians,slavery,the holocaust, the Rwanda massacre, Serbia, the list goes on.

Perhaps some day the world will wear the badge of shame with regards to the Palestinians, I wonder how many of them have to die before we do something?  Is there a magic number that makes us say stop it?  Is there a magic event that has to happen for the world to say enough?  During the holocaust, the world was not fully engaged of the actual horrors that were occurring, death camps hidden away.

George Patton, that great American hero, when he entered into Buchenwald, was encouraged by one of his aids to leave, reminding the General that he still had a war to fight.  Patton responded with…”wait I want to make sure I understand.”  It was horrific, without a doubt. So disgusted that he immediately enacted a strict policy forcing all German citizens in neighboring cities and towns to tour the camps to witness the result of their hateful nationalism, other generals followed Patton’s lead when liberating  other concentration camps.

Patton later acted as  a military governor he spoke of other violations of principle, “Today we received orders . . . in which we were told to give the Jews special accommodations. If for Jews, why not Catholics, Mormons, etc? We are also turning over to the French several hundred thousand prisoners of war to be used as slave labor in France. It is amusing to recall that we fought the Revolution in defense of the rights of man and the Civil War to abolish slavery and have now gone back on both principles.”

In today’s world it is hard to hide things away, the internet brings the world to your doorstep, we no longer have the excuse of “I didn’t know” .  We do know.  We are witnessing a slow holocaust, it is playing out in front of us every day.  The victims have become the oppressors, and where is the cry for justice?

Perhaps it was the spirit of Patton the possessed Helen, or perhaps it was simply she had seen enough and it was time for somebody to speak the truth.

Here’s the video – although I confess I wonder what was edited out, I wonder if this is in fact the full video…and of course the title of video has a nice spin…but none the less here’ssssssssss Helen!~




WASHINGTON, June 7, 2010 – Helen Thomas announced Monday that she is retiring, effective immediately.

Her decision came after her controversial comments about Israel and the Palestinians were captured on videotape and widely disseminated on the Internet.

Thomas later issued a statement: “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon.’’

Thomas will mark her 90th birthday on Aug. 4.

Yea but Helen you went out with a bang!  Hats off to you!!!


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