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Nikki Haley – Another Notch in the Bed Post?

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 3, 2010

Seems that S. Carolina Republican gubernatorial hopeful Nikki Haley – one of Sarah Palin’s endorsed gal pals has ’em coming out of the woodwork..a second gentlman has come forward saying, yes, he too has had inappropriate sexual relations with Nikki. 

“I had an inappropriate physical relationship with Nikki Haley,”  Larry Marchant explains in an interview with WCBD in Charleston. “We had gone to dinner, I had some drinks, and things happened and that was it. It was one time and one time only… I spent the night with Ms. Haley and we had sexual relations, we had sex.”  (this monkey wonders if there was really a need to clarify we had sexual relations…sorta implies that you had sex, doesn’t it, or maybe this is one of those things like if it is oral sex it doesn’t count?)

Marchant added: “I know in my heart what happened, and she’s knows in her heart what happened.

Here’s the kicker… Marchant has been serving as a political consultant to S. Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, a rival of Haley’s in the governor’s race.

South Carolina’s motto is.. “Dum Spiro Spero” – While I breathe, I hope
 Should it be changed?  Maybe….while I am a politician, I engage in inappropriate sexual acts.  Just saying……


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