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How Many Americans Will Be Murdered By Israel? American Shot 5 Times on Flotilla

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 3, 2010

As the passengers on the flotilla arrive home, more and more of the story unfolds.  Of course we had the edited film and version offered by the Israeli government, complete with subtitles.  I have held my tongue, mostly…but now the facts are coming in….from people who were there, the bodies are coming home, and one of those bodies is an American.  A 19 year old American who also held Turkish citizenship living in Turkey, Furkan Dogan.

Furkan Dogan was struck by five bullets shortly before dawn on Monday while atop the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmara ship, according to friends who were on board at the time of the Israeli raid and attended the funeral for eight of the nine Turks who died.

The website of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan listed Mr. Dogan’s nationality as American. A State Department spokesman confirmed a dual US-Turkish citizen was killed and said the embassy in Turkey had offered consular services to the family.

“Furkan was my friend,” said Ali Yunusoalu, who went with Dogan for pre-dawn prayers on the top deck of the Mavi Marmar on Monday. Israeli naval boats soon approached the ship, he said, and then commandos dropped from helicopters.

“The soldiers started shooting and bombing” with bullets and percussion grenades, said Mr. Yunusoalu. “It was a big sound – you can’t hear a thing because of the noise.”

Dogan ran “everywhere” before he was killed, recalled Yunusoalu. “We were very afraid.”

Furkan Dogan had four bullet wounds to the head and one to the chest, said Omer Yagmur of the Foundation of Humanitarian Relief (IHH).

Five bullets?  Five bullets for an unarmed person?  Were these bullets paid for by the USA?  Were these bullets funded by your tax dollars?  Did these bullets have inscribed on them “to our special friends, love the USA”?  Bullets used on American citizens.

Let me be clear, all of the loss of life on this flotilla is horrific.  No one life is any greater than another, each of those people who died were somebody’s family and friend.  I am focusing on Furkan because he was an American, I am an American, I don’t care where he lived.  He was an American.

It is time to end our “special relationship” with Israel.  The only thing our relationship with this country does is cost us, it costs American lives, American money, American influence.  If this were a business deal, one would look at it and say, cut it loose, you can’t afford it it any more.  America cannot afford a friend like Israel.


7 Responses to “How Many Americans Will Be Murdered By Israel? American Shot 5 Times on Flotilla”

  1. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney said

    Israeli Sociopaths

    no compassion
    no conscience
    no character
    no chivalry

  2. […] military in aid, an estimated 3 billion USD per year.  American blogger PoliticalMonkey2010 advocates for the United States to end that relationship: Five bullets?  Five bullets for an unarmed […]

  3. […] Israeli military in aid, an estimated 3 billion USD per year. American blogger PoliticalMonkey2010 advocates for the United States to end that relationship: Five bullets? Five bullets for an unarmed person? […]

  4. count us out said

    We should send the US Navy Seals’ Snipers along with the Turkish warships who are supposed to be escorting the MV Rachel Corrie, laden with aid for Gaza! President Obama sent them to protect the Captain and Crew of the Maersk Alabama, laden with aid for Mombassa, Kenya, that was raided by pirates in international waters. Oh we were so proud of the captain and the crew of that aid ship! They opened up a can of whoop ass on those raiders! The pirates were surprised by the crew that fought back! They’d never had that happen before. We were so proud of our people for fighting back! The Somali pirates were only punished with bullets between the eyeballs by our HEROIC NAVY SEALS but, as a nation, we wished there was more we could have done to them.

    Before and after that cordial meeting between pirates and the provocating aid ship, the pirates WARNED what they’d do if folks kept going into those (international) waters. (guns, blood, violence, death – that sort of thing)

    We answered before and after the terrorist attack on the dear, innocent pirates by the bad bad bad crew of the Maersk Alabama that we’d go anywhere we damned well pleased in international waters AND the MISSION of carrying AID to needy nations was worth the risks.

    We also said, in the future, ships’ crews could carry guns to protect themselves and/or we’d send the Navy along to – –

    hmmm to what? oh –

    to protect innocent, pirates who board aid ships in international waters who might be confronted by knife, pipe, or AK47 wielding crews or passengers on aid ships. Yes that’s what we meant, didn’t we.

    Furkan Dogan, Americans didn’t know you before you were killed but you will always be remembered. Rest in peace beside our Beloved Rachel Corrie – Two Heroic, Forever Young, Fellow Americans.

    • Let your voice be heard, do not let this slip away, do not let this American’s life be trivialized because he was not residing in the USA – contact your Senators, your Representatives, remind them that Americans are dying at the hands of our good friends.

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