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Netanyahu Delusional Response- Get the man some Thorazine

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 2, 2010

Netanyahu must be delusional.  There is no other explanation for his statement today.

“Once again, Israel faces hypocrisy and a biased rush to judgment,” Netanyahu said of his international critics, as he defended the actions of Israeli marines who, he said, fired in self-defense after boarding Turkish cruise liner Mavi Marmara.  I still don’t understand how he can make that leap to self defense, your soldiers boarded a vessel, not flying the Israeli flag, in the dead of night, in international waters, a pure act of aggression, and you expected them to greet you with rose petals?  If this had been Iran boarding ships, war would have been declared.  But because it is Israel we are supposed to say it is ok?

He went on to blame Hamas and Iran…grasping to justify Israel’s action.   “Iran is continuing to smuggle weapons into Gaza,” said Netanyahu in a televised address. “It is our obligation to prevent these weapons from being brought in by land and sea. The previous government understood this and imposed a closure.”

He continued to blame Hamas for the flotilla raid in his address today.  What he has failed to recognize is that this flotilla was not organized by Hamas.  This flotilla was not from Iran…it was flying the Turkish flag, it was on a humanitarian mission, a mission to help people that Israel has choked off.

But he was not to be stopped..he continued by saying …we are sorry about what happened, but our soldiers were in a life threatening position, and he was very proud of what the soldiers did.  Proud of your soldiers for being pirates?  Proud of the aggression?  If there was no intention of being aggressive why did you do it at night?  Why did you not do it under the light of day?

And of course do we really expect a transparent investigation from Israel?  Can we really trust what they may eventually say was found on the flotilla?  Sorta like putting the fox in charge of the hen house isn’t it?


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