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Mystery: How Do You Say Self Defense When You Are the Invader?

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on June 1, 2010

As this continues to unfold I am absolutely horrified..how..how can you say that it is self defense Israel?

Let’s review..the peace flotilla  was in international waters…you used helicopters to board it, you were not invited on board, and then you killed people..how does that make it self defense?

Let’s bring it down home, let’s pretend you are sitting on the couch, scratching your private parts, flipping thru the channels on the TV, all of a sudden, commandos arrive on your roof and come into your home….is it self defense when the invader into your home kills you?

I just don’t know how Israel can put a spin on this…what have they found on the flotilla?  WMD?  in the form of medicine, diapers, wheel chairs, and food?  Keep in mind 80% of the people living in Gaza NEED help to survive on a daily basis,  unemployment is 42%, trade is choked off by Israel.

It is time that our special relationship with Israel comes to an end.  I didn’t think we supported terrorism, terrorist or rogue governments who have no respect for the international rule of law?


4 Responses to “Mystery: How Do You Say Self Defense When You Are the Invader?”

  1. gesvol said

    I think Israel badly miscalculated with this one. It appears to me that anyone with any shred of objectivity is not buying the spin, which include many Israeli supporters.

    (Sure, you still have people supporting Israel on this matter, but these are from the segment of folks that are going to support Israel no matter what.)

    • If this had been Iran or any other country that boarded a vessel in international waters it would have been grounds for war – while at least we didn’t veto or abstain on the UN vote, like we have before the response was fairly watered down. Watching the interviews with a variety of Israeli spokes people the emphasis is on the victim mentality…time to move beyond that folks! Let’s deal with reality.

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  3. […] Source: Political Monkey Title Image: i.dadabase.ca […]

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