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Who is Fair and Unbiased? ABC? CBS? CNN? Fox? MSNBC?

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on May 25, 2010

Here’s the fact:  Pres. Obama will send 1,200 national guard troops to patrol the Mexico border.

Here are the headlines from various news outlets, you tell me who is fair and unbiased?  What ever happened to the idea that a journalist was supposed to report the facts, just the facts, don’t give us your opinion, give the public credit for having the ability to interpret the facts.  Three guesses as to which “news” organization flunked the objectivity test

In alphabetic order:

Obama Authorizes Deployment of More National Guard Troops Along Border – ABC NEWS


Obama to Deploy National Guard to Ariz. Border -CBS NEWS


Obama to send more troops to Southwest border region – CNN News


fox news



Troops to the Mexican border: Obama to send 1,200 – MSNBC (no photo)



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