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Sarah Palin Endorses Nikki Haley S. Carolina Gov OR Walk softly. But carry a big lipstick.

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on May 17, 2010

Sarah is again endorsing another woman,  this time  South Carolina state Rep. Nikki Haley in the state’s Republican primary for governor.  The Current GOP Gov. Mark Sanford  you might remember had that little affair with  a woman from  Argentina.  Sanford’s ex-wife Jenny has also endorsed and is  supporting Haley’s candidacy.

While Sarah may be endorsing gal pals, there is an agenda here, it is not necessarily because they are the best choice, it is pandering to the majority of tea party attendees who tend to be women.  I am a woman, and I have been in the corporate environment, and have been self – employed for the past 13 years, and I can promise you I do not belong to the tea party.  I readily acknowledge I am not in her demographic niche – and for every female who has ever cracked that glass ceiling, for every woman who has a daughter and wants to see her have every opportunity in the world, for every woman who has worked twice as hard as man to prove she is worth it, Sarah Palin is not your friend, she is not your idol, she is a woman who will eventually come down to earth and hit hard, and when she does she will take each and every woman down with her.   It is time for women not to be lemmings and follow this woman over the cliff, we have worked too long, too hard, made too many sacrifices to let her take us down.

I am the first to say Sarah Palin is a good looking woman, but it is going to take more than good looks to make it.  It is going to take some substance, some staying power, she ain’t got it.  She is in it for the buck, and that’s called capitalism, and that is a good thing!  I am all for capitalism, but I am not for capitalism that is dividing this country, and offering no solutions. And I have to question any female politician who would seek out an endorsement from Sarah.  This isn’t about what shade of lips stick is the best, this is about the future of our country.  It isn’t about fashion trends, it is about living the American dream.  It isn’t about sarcasm, it is about solving problems, moving forward.


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