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Sarah Palin – Spinning Facts for Profit

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on May 14, 2010

Sarah has twittered again:

Soldier pay decreases in the midst of overspending elsewhere and government union pay raises? Seriously? What are… http://fb.me/xwPHgbTe 1:51 PM May 10th via Facebook

Being highly suspicious of any twitters from Sarah, but like watching a car accident I was bound to check it out..so I went to the link  –  a right wing news organization called Newsmax – know what else I found?

They have a shopping link, which I clicked on and guess what?!!  You too can buy Sarah’s book from them along with other inflammatory right wing items..

Sarah even endorses Newsmax on the site… Former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, says Newsmax is one of her primary news sources, describing it as “very helpful, very valuable.” Too bad she couldn’t remember that during the Katie Couric interviews when asked what she read to keep current.  And that’s not all you get!!!!!   Each month in Newsmax magazine you’ll read Christopher Ruddy’s hard-hitting investigative reports, Washington Wire from award-winning journalist Ronald Kessler, and special commentaries from Ben Stein, Dick Morris, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, John Stossel, Bill O’Reilly, David Limbaugh, James Hirsen, Thomas Sowell, Michael Reagan, and many others.  How much would you pay for this? $9.99?  $19.99? How about $39.99!

So the question that I have to ask is……how much did Sarah Palin get paid for twitter this little gem?  Come on Sarah..fess up…how much?

But I digress, the article discusses military pay, and directly quotes the Washington Post – the originator of the story.  The difference is of course the spin, facts vs. spin.  This is the part that puzzles me..why wouldn’t she just quote the facts from a reliable source?  The American public does not need spin, we need facts, we don’t need opinions.  Well of course she wouldn’t quote a reliable source, they aren’t paying her are they?

The objective article is here:


The Palin tweeted article is here:


I’m not going to analyze it for you..you read it, if there is anybody that supports the military it is myself, the military has played a huge part in my life, and that is what inflames me, when she wraps herself up in the flag for her own gain…

Look at the difference in the titles alone – (yes I agree I can put out some good zingers in the titles, but then again, I just one monkey!)

Washington Post:

Pentagon asking Congress to hold back on generous increases in troop pay


Outrage: Obama Administration Targets Military for Pay Reductions

Read the spin…spin is huge part of the problem, Sarah can stir the pot, but she offers no solutions, none.


One Response to “Sarah Palin – Spinning Facts for Profit”

  1. gesvol said

    So how come the military is the one government entity that is apparently incapable of having wasteful spending, at least to hear Palin and her like-minded buddies tell it?

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