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The Cost of a Tough Primary? $90 Million – Ask Jan Brewer Gov. of Az

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on May 12, 2010

I think this sign sums up my feelings, I cannot believe that this law even passed, and that we are forced into boycotting, protesting, twisting  financial arms in order to make the point that there is a right way and wrong way of dealing with illegal immigrants.  I still maintain the reason Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed into law the controversial immigration law was simply a matter of politics, she is facing a tough primary challenge.

A city official says Phoenix could possibly lose hotel and convention center business worth about $90 million over the next five years because of fallout from Arizona’s new immigration law.

A deputy city manager who is monitoring the issue – David Krietor – says city and tourism officials in Phoenix have compiled a “watch list” tracking the potential fallout. The list includes four organizations that have canceled events and more than a dozen groups that have expressed concerns about the new law.

The $90 million figure represents the estimated amount of money that those groups’ members would spend in the region. Some events are scheduled to take place this year, while others are booked as far out at 2015.  Keep in mind this figure does not include incidental spending, like restaurants and shops.

Evidently Jan thinks $90 million is an ok figure to put at risk for her re-election, and here’s the kicker, if she loses the primary, it’s no skin off her nose, she won’t be in office to deal the repercussions this bill has caused.  It would serve her right to be elected, and have to clean up the mess she created.

Paul Senseman, a spokesman for the Gov.  called boycotting the state “thoughtless and harmful” and said it was a distraction from the underlying issue of the federal government’s failure to control immigration and the border.“An economic boycott of Arizona just adds to the massive economic burden Arizonans have sustained for years due to the federal government’s failure to secure our borders,” Mr. Senseman said.

Thoughtless and harmful?  Sorta like this law huh?  Nobody thought that gee we might piss off some people with this law, gee I think we pissed off people before with this kind of behavior like when we refused to recognize the Martin Luther King holiday.    Everybody agrees there is a problem with illegal immigrants, nobody is disputing that, what it is going to take is a solution, a workable, practical, fair solution.  This isn’t it.

Distracting from the underlying issue?  Like Jan’s re-election?  Did you forget to include that fact in your statement Mr. Senseman?


2 Responses to “The Cost of a Tough Primary? $90 Million – Ask Jan Brewer Gov. of Az”

  1. ruth said

    Govenor, thank you for fighting for us, it seems we have laws but the goverment does not inforce them.

    What part of illegal does this Judge not understand?

    She should be ashamed to all of the people for her ruling.

    I’m ashamed for her.


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