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Scott Brown – The First 100 Days or Where’s the Beef?

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on May 12, 2010

You remember Scott Brown, the famous 41st vote against health care?  The Republican who took Ted Kennedy’s seat in Ma?  100 days have passed, not alot to report really, but a recap is in order..since I feel we will be revisiting this issue again, and again.

Ironically, the health care bill that was passed resembles the Ma. health care program, which Scott Brown agreed with..yet when it came to passing national health care the good Senator voted against it.  Must be one of those political mysteries…

The good Senator however, is critical in supporting the  filibuster against financial reform bill – that’s not such a mystery, just good old lock step Party of No.

What amazed me even more was that he was selected as 100 of the most influential people by Time – but then again so was Sarah Palin.  I wonder if they meant to say enigmas and not influential per se?  One can only hope.  But it begs the question has he been in office long enough to have earned that title?  He is certainly a celebrity, but I am not sure he qualifies at this point as an an accomplished legislator.

It will be interesting to watch him dance with the Supreme Court Nomination of Elena Kagan, a former Harvard Law School Dean…strong ties to Ma.  I think he will try to make everybody happy by disapproval of  her banning military recruits form campus, but vote for her.   Republicans will demonize her, but he still has a home audience to play to.

His biggest challenge is going to be his re-election, we already saw the knee jerk reaction when a misdirected tweet put the fear of God into Sen. Brown that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow  was going to run against him (read the post here)

Let’s hope the Democrats get it together and put up a real campaign, let’s not him continue to trade off this idea that he is just a guy in a pick up truck, let’s remind the public that this ordinary “guy” also owns five houses, it was a good gig, I give him credit for that, but it is time to end the sound bites of politics and get into the meat.


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