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Lt. Col Lakin – Deserved Court Martial of a Birther

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on May 11, 2010

I come from a military family, generations in fact in my family have proudly served in the US military, some have lost their lives, some have lost limbs, but never… not once did any of them ever fail to rise to the call of duty.   They have left their families behind to heed the call of duty with honor. The same cannot be said of Lt. Col Lakin. Who is Lt. Col Lakin?  Lakin is a doctor in the US army who has refused to deploy to Afghanistan because he believes that Pres. Obama the Commander in Chief  –  was not born in the US and therefore not eligible to be President.  He wants to see the birth certificate as proof Obama is fact born in the US.  Lakin is a decorated,obviously educated and obviously a racists man.  This is exactly what this is about, and I am offended that he wrap himself in the American flag and try to dress this up any other way.  Here is an angry white man who is having a problem taking “orders” from a black President.  (and for the record, this is coming from a woman who is as white as the driven snow) Give me another reasonable explanation, please.

The evidence is overwhelming that Pres. Obama was in fact born in the US.


It seems that a group http://www.safeguardourconstitution.com/ is providing the funding for Lt. Lakin’s legal defense fund, which they say will exceed $500,000.  I went to the link they provide to verify their status that they are a non profit, so I registered to view the information, seems like some of that critical information, for example – how much money they have raised, who is on the board of directors isn’t there either.  So we really don’t know who is sponsoring this group.

And his attorney?  Paul Jensen – a personal injury attorney, do I need to say more?


Who now has an additional website http://www.paulrolfjensen.com/

Can you say self serving media whore?  Of course there is also a link on his new page to let you too donate to the defense fund.

The title Lt. Col. commands respect, I have no respect for you Terry Lakin, you deserve a full  court martial, maybe your attorney will fund your retirement?

Here’s an interview with Anderson Cooper

Since the good doctor didn’t comment much with Anderson Cooper, here is a video released by his sponsoring group:


2 Responses to “Lt. Col Lakin – Deserved Court Martial of a Birther”

  1. Dear political monkey 2010,
    This is not about race. Lt. Col. Lakin is concerned about whether or not the US Constitution is being followed by our government. Monkey, government should be of laws, rather than men, right ? Do you respect the US Constitution ? Then this argument should be heard for all Americans white and black. Race is not a trump card for liberals to play when their argument has no strength. Grow up.
    If President Obama is honest he will show us his real birth certificate and tell us why he has been hiding the real one all these years. He is a big boy. Why are all the liberal media hosts covering his back ? Because they elected him, protected him. The truth will come out. In November, stay tuned. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin has more courage in his little finger than Obama has in his entire body. Chickens lie.
    Tommy Boy

    • Mmmmm. I am puzzled on exactly how to respond. This “birther” rheotric has been rebuffed and proven false at every turn, yet there are those who refuse to grow up and move on. It is a waste of energy, there are real issues at play in today’s world that we had all better start focusing on. The “birther” theories, Obama is a Muslim, Obama is a socialist etc, ad naseum, are all just a nice way for attack, while avoiding that oh so uncomfortable issue of race. To his credit Pres. Obama has NEVER played the race card.
      You bring up the media, do you think that Fox News – the darling of the American Right Wing is unbiased? If you want to know where the real danger to the US Constitution lies, look to Fox News.
      Do I think there will be alot of upsets in Nov.? Yes. Historically that is exactly what happens. Shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. The real question is what happens after Nov. when the sausage making starts? One should always be careful for what you wish for .. it may come true.
      Finally, you speak of courage. I maintain Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is a coward, a disgrace to the uniform.

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