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Arizona Immigration Law Practical Solutions? or Just Free Political Ads?

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on April 27, 2010

So what’s the difference between the Federal Laws and the Arizona immigration law?

It gives or more accurately requires law enforcement and employees of any state agency to verify your legal status, without a crime being involved.

So I sat here and pondered…here are some practical, simple  real life examples…

You are in the park, you are not breaking the law, but you are loud, having fun..the police come over to find out what is going on, no law has been broken, but now they are in “contact” with you, hence they now have an obligation to verify that everybody is in this country legally, and they can feel free to in essence proceed with a warrant-less search.

What if you are a witness to a crime, let’s say a murder.  You know who did it.  But guess what you don’t have the documents you need.  Do you think for one minute you are going to come forward and tell the police I saw who killed this person?

What if you are in an abusive situation?  What if you have been raped?  Mugged?  Beaten?  …and you don’t have papers?  If you are in Arizona, which the last time I check was still part of the USA, the place where we believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you had better keep your mouth shut  – you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Recently I was in to re-new my driver’s license, which was a journey into the depths of hell to begin with, but now there you are, all set to get your new driver’s license, but guess what the guy in front of you doesn’t have his papers to prove that he is legal, which of course all state employees will be obligated to verify…get ready to wait.  Staying with the car scenario, if you have a car, you probably have insurance…maybe even your state requires you to have insurance.  With no driver’s license, you can’t get insurance.  So let’s say you have managed to fly under the wire, you are driving without a license because you know if you try to get on you are snatched, no license means that even if you wanted to have insurance, had the money to pay for insurance, you can’t get insurance.  What happens when that unlicensed illegal driver now has an accident?

Is it going to prevent crimes?

Here’s an interesting little part of  the law, it gives the citizens of Arizona the right to sue the government authorities who are not enforcing the law.  Mmmmm, I don’t know what the situation is in your hometown, but I have yet to hear of a city where there is “enough” law enforcement on the street, or where resources are not already stretched thin.  So now an officer is trying to verify somebody’s legal status, and he receives a call about shots being fired.  What does he do?  Does he open himself up to a law suit by not finishing verifying an individual’s status?   Is the presence of law enforcement patrolling the street diminished because they are too busy verifying legal status?

Is it racist?  Not if you are the right race.

Is it going to solve our immigration problem?  No.  It will simply push or re-route illegal immigrants to other states.

I am curious about the economics of this whole thing for Arizona.  2/3 of the Mr. and Mrs. Arizona think this is just a dandy idea.  Let’s pretend the law remains on the books, and it pushes illegal immigrants out of Arizona.  There goes the cheap labor, no I am not being harsh, I am being realistic.  You think Mr. and Mrs. Arizona are willing to work for the same wages that the illegal immigrant is?  I think not.  Then that means you have to pay people more, do you think that employers are just going to say ok, I am now going to pay a fair wage and not pass that onto you Mr. and Mrs. Consumer?

California tried this with Prop 187 in the early 1990’s, it was invalidated by the courts.  A federal court threw out much of that law because the state had overstepped its authority to engage in immigration matters. The Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution similarly prevents Arizona from taking federal immigration enforcement into its own hands.

So why now did Arizona pass this legislation now?  Mid-term elections perhaps?  A chance for all those politicians to get some free press by pandering to Conservatives and Tea Partiers?…like let’s say…mmmm Arizona Gov. Brewer who faces a stiff primary challenge and needs conservatives to keep her in office?

We have Federal laws that just need to be enforced, that need to be update with workable, socially responsible methods and reasoning.  To do this, to make an effective change on the Federal level, that means that Democrats and the Party of Hell No are going to have to work together.  Ok, quit laughing…..

he Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police opposes SB 1070 because the group says the law would hobble law enforcement’s ability to “fulfill their many responsibilities in a timely manner.” But it said its chiefs will enforce the measure if it becomes law.Colorado Springs Chief Richard Myers, who weighed in on the issue Wednesday, said Arizona residents may not like what that enforcement looks like.

“If I have a shots-fired call or the potential to stop someone who might be checked for documented status, I’m going to do that before I respond to shots fired because I won’t get sued if don’t respond to shots fired,” he said.

Gascón said the bill also will have “catastrophic impacts on community policing.”

“People will be more hesitant to report crimes, and that will create some very, very tough circumstances for local police in dealing with crime issues in areas heavily visited by people here from other countries,” he said.

The law isn’t expected to change much for ICE, which has a program in place that has agents respond when local law-enforcement agencies ask for help determining someone’s immigration status, a process that is frequently handled over the phone.

In the federal fiscal year ending Sept. 30, ICE responded to more than 1,500 calls from law enforcement and took nearly 5,500 people into custody.

But if SB 1070 becomes law, the volume of calls will increase, and the agency may have to revert to enforcement priorities that federal authorities outlined last year.

These priorities break illegal immigrants into three categories and encourage agents to first detain and deport the most serious criminals such as murderers, rapists and robbers before moving on to minor drug offenders and thieves and then to “aliens who have been convicted of or arrested for other offenses.”

Brewer on Wednesday continued to be tight-lipped about what action she may take and when she would take it.

Her spokesman, Paul Senseman, said that the governor was aware of some law-enforcement groups’ criticism of SB 1070 and that she and her staff were looking through testimony of law-enforcement officials as the bill went through the legislative process.

Reporters Dustin Gardiner and Ginger Rough contributed to this article.

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It’s not difficult to see that crime rises when unemployment rises. Big mistake making this illegals afraid to go to work. The illiegals won’t leave, they will just get angry. Get ready for a huge spike in criminal activity. Phoenix does not have the manpower to stop the hundreds of thousands of undocumented people in our state. And the city is too underfunded to try.

Municipal at its best. Short-minded mistake that will indubitably raise long-term criminal activity in our neighborhoods beginning with a spike high in crime May-July 2010. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of illegals working in this state. Then we tell them if you go to work, we’ll find you and arrest you. How you like me now!!!

So now you’ve got an understaffed police and weak state budget because they were drunk on excessive municipal debt less than 4 fiscal quarters ago, and hundreds of thousands of illegals who are ready to commit illegal activity to put food on the table because they can’t work physical, sweaty labor at less than minimum wage.
George Bush once recommended a great idea of temporary work status through a guest worker program. If you destroy the only control you had (employment wages), you have zero control. He was smarter than many give him credit.
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What the hell is wrong with people in this country? These are not immigrants,or undocumented workers, they are invaders. They invade our country by the thousands,
we didn’t invite them in,and we don’t want them here. Not just the mexicans, but the
russians, somalis, and all the rest.They invade our country, some for work, but some for crime, they don’t want to be an american citizen, they just want what we have, and alot of them are willing to take it the first chance they get. So by your reasoning bigk, we should all just crawl into a corner for fear of crime rising, because we stand up for ourselves. Where’s your your backbone? Why are you so afraid to stand up and take some personal responsibility for the country that you live in? It’s past time for the citizens of this country to start protecting this country before it’s too late. Who’s going to help us? When was the last time some country gave us a few billion in aid?
We have been idiots, we work hard for what we have, we don’t get 2 or 3 paid holidays per year like the europeans, and we don’t even take the time to vote for representatives that will protect our way of life, we just let them give it away. And the moment somebody starts to do the right thing by us, we tuck our tails between our legs and run off scared of retaliation. No wonder half of the world don’t like us, we stand for nothing, and nobodies going to repect someone who doesn’t repect themselves. Personally, I don’t give a crap what the mexicans, or the french, or anybody else thinks of us, I care about what we think of ourselves. I’m proud to be an American and I think every other citizen should be as well. And if you don’t like it here then get the hell out.
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Actually, they pretty much DID have an open invitation; from employers that pay wages that only THEY would pay. That’s why a large number of Chinese and Irish immigrants came; to build America’s railroads. But, once they got here, they smuggled their whole families in. I STILL wonder… who taught them to park their cars on the lawn?


Why are you so close minded people? some need to learn how to spell also. We wouldn’t have a problem if we reformed immigration laws and stop making bills that are pretty much unconstitutional. I don’t see a third of you guys lock&load and stand Post! for free?, like the state government and feds gonna let citizens do that anyway, yeah moronic i will say. We all invaded this land. Nobody is originally from this land or we would be called native Americans, Oh yeah why are white people complaining for the so called invasion when you guys started the trend, look up the english, french and spanish so now your pissed because other people follow suit, and why do people forget that America is a continent and our country’s name is the United States of America when we people talk about South America they are not referring to Texas, Central America is not Indiana. So please read a book and I am not talking Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin Book either

I assume you have your “final solution”. I know I am a socialist, communist, etc., but you comments sound like something out of Germany in the 1930.

I agree with rebelde525. I am guessing you are Latin, and you make much more sense than most of these ….. I don’t know what to call them. Cause sadly the public education system did not teach them very well, and most just speak cause they can. Just because this country gives them that “freedom of speach”(so to say). I know many, many illegal immigrants that would love to become citizens and pay taxes, unlike some U.S citizens that complaint about taxes. There is so much more behind this issue, that if we all really knew what was going on we wouldn’t post such idiotic comments.

I didnt invite you here and now I wold like yo to go back to where you came from. Run along now.

To: Overthehill: I seriously doubt if you really know anything about Germany in the 1930’s. If so that would make you in your 90’s at the least and an immigrant yourself.

putuporshutup…you ROCK! Well said! If what the bigK said comes to fruition and local law enforcement can’t handle the load, we have several hundred thousand gun owners in this state that can lock&load and stand a POST!

sounds like a threat…..
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A lot of false statement in this post, all to support opposition to the bill.

Crime increases with unemployment. Does it? Show us the statisitics. What you meant to say is Crime SHOULD increase with unemployment.

“Illegals won’t go home”. More wishful thinking. Illegals have been going home, because of the limits already placed employing them.

The law does NOT address “undocumented” manpower. It addresses the actions police should take when they arrest a person.

First we pass a couple of laws to insure that anyone can get and carry a weapon almost anywhere they want — without training or experience. This pretty much guarantees that the number of undocumented or illegal immigrants who are armed increases dramatically. Then we pass laws to squeeze them out of the jobs they are currently working so that they will be desperate and angry. Next, we insist that our local police hunt them down and confront them.


What could possibly go wrong with that?
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You are confused, that is what is wrong, a2z.

Illegals cannot carry or even own a gun in the US, no matter what. The illegals carrying firearms probably don’t care that much about such laws, however. Contrary to your scare tactic, the law will have no effect on how many illegals illegally carry a weapon.

If we are to have angry people out of work, why not illegals, rather than citizens? You seem to favor the illegals for some reason. Is that because you are not out of work and can afford your compassion for them?

Right. But I thought the claim of all you knee-jerk tea-baggers was that these illegals were increasing our crime rates. You do realize that guns and ammunition are one of the top 10 items stolen in burglaries and robberies don’t you? Increasing the access to guns for all clearly does just that. It’s part of the law of unintended consequences. We have plenty of angry Arizonans already. They call them Tea Partiers.

You’re an idiot. Undocumented people who are ALREADY breaking the laws do not care about laws allowing OR forbidding them to carry.

Hey a2z. You have no clue do you?

At first I couldn’t figure out why gw787 posted two comments in a row to the same statement. Then I realized, gw had so much important and relevant data to bring to the discussion that it couldn’t all fit in one post. One needs to parcel such pertinent information up so that readers have a chance to digest it between boxes.
By the way, you do realize that greater access to gun ownership (legal guns) will result in a greater number of guns. And a greater number of guns increases the number of guns stolen (illegal guns). Of course you would have to be an idiot not to understand this connection. You would have to be clueless.

More confusion posted by a2z. It is hard to imagine that he is so completely ignorant of the laws governing gun ownership that he is unaware that the changes in laws had NO impact on the ability to OWN guns. Yet he makes his obtuse argument based on that falsehood. I will give him the benefit of doubt and assume that he is not THAT clueless and his confusion is deliberate.

Arrogance is not a substitute for intelligence, Bob8930. Your inability to understand simple causal relationships is staggering, but it is your coupling of that cognitive dissonance with stubborn arrogance that is especially notable.

a2z is projecting his/her fear to the public. Howerver, there appears to be several individuals that are not buying, including myself. Gun ownership, in the hands of citizens as well as the freedom to carry, will deter crime in this state. Why? Because any crminal who attempts to commit a crime against an armed citizen will not be able to tell their side of the story. Illegal aliens who are breaking the law and who choose to arm themselves deserve what is coming to them. If they want to be citizens, then they must go through the process. If we have to do it in their country then they must comply.

Based on your comments, additional reason for citizens be allowed to protect themselves, since the Po-PO will not be available.
Neighborhood patrols,
help your neighbors,
buy dogs,
get security systems,
carry and train with firearms
to push the illegals (as you identify them) to a more comfortable region…how about caly? Fine with me, if caly gets buried.
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Let’s assume for just a minute that every single illegal currently in Arizona becomes so scared that there is a mass exodus to California. That would be good for Arizona I suppose but that’s not really solving the problem. The illegal’s need to head home, not simply to another state.

Now, the Latinos can see what it feels like. I was walking home one night back in the 70s. I was stopped by the po-po, because we happened to live in a white, upper middle class neighborhood.

Getting them to move is all about baby-steps.
Start AZ, push them to cali, push them back across the border or just into an A/C or ship and send them to…how about china? I hear they have a great social system.

NO GUEST WORKERS LIB!!!! Move to Cali if you want illegals running the state
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Cali already has an immigrant running the state… Ahnold!

get some guns, learn to use them, and when someone attacks you, shoot them and kill them, the government isnt going to do everything for you, no matter how much you want them to

republican ideas. attack the messenger for the message. Don’t attack the illegals, attack the employer. Put some stiff fines on the employer and you wont have an illegal problem.

They will leave, why would they stay here and struggle to find work when they could go to california, or texas and work. Then once they leave we will no longer have to pay for healthcare, and schooling for hundreds of thousands of illegals, saving way more money than we will spend enforcing the law.
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And you won’t have their tax dollars on food, housing, clothing, power bills, cable, bills, etc. If you add that in to the lost revenue from tourist and conference dollars you better be ready to take a very large tax hike to make up for all these lost revenues. I hope that won’t happen, bet we are already starting to calls for boycotting AZ because of this law. Short sighted people can’t see beyond their noises!!!

If I recall correctly, a study was done that stated payments to illegals for government/health care services FAR exceeded any sales tax dollars from the money they spent. Think about it logically and you will see that this is correct. It would neam a NET GAIN for the State.

Are you saying 1070 are going to turn illegal aliens angry? Will they turn into the Incredible Hulk too?
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Maybe a incredibly sleepy hulks.

Hispanics already have a defensive, hauty ATTITUDE, WHEN IT COMES TO LAW AND ORDER…as is demanded of ALL Arizona/U.S. citizens. Hey, the Court in Sahuarita is run by a Hispanic who gives them all community service, dismisses HUGE FINES, AND 60 HR. OF COUNSELLING FOR “DRUG REHAB”…what a joke we have for “Law and Order”. The Pima Co. Sheriff, Dupnik, is on open “SANCTUARY” advocate…ALL THE POLICE, SHERIFF’S DEP., BP HAVE TO DO IS FOLLOW THE USUAL RULES OF LAW…as the Hispanics down here in Pima Co. who have any sense of responsibility…could be illegal or legal, because they conduct themselves in such a manner as to give no justification for being stopped! JUST DO YOUR JOB…AND YOU WILL FIND THE BAD GUYS/GALS…AS THEY GIVE THE MIDDLE FINGER TO COMPLIANCE WITH U.S. LEGAL ISSUES…AND MAKE THEMSELVES BAIT TO BE CAUGHT!!! AND, towns who have law enforcement who refuse to go by the law…they should be kicked out of office and citizens should file charges against them with the State Attorney General…this is OUR STATE, WE WANT TO BE PROUD OF IT…and WE AREN’T GOING TO TAKE THE CRIMINAL B.S. ANYMORE!!!!

Here’s a plan that should silence all the whiners:

1. Instruct the police to ask EVERYONE (of any color), as part of their normal questioning, and as they are conducting police business, if they are a legal immigrant or citizen of the U.S.

This will eliminate any PERCEIVED civil or constitutional rights violations! There can be no violation so long as the police are uniform in their approach.

2. Investigate every social services company using state or federal funds and de-fund them if any illegal aliens are found to be receiving aid. (believe me they are, 90% of all services are going to ILLEGAL ALIENS.)

This should provide plenty of money to deport any illegal found here, especially since most all of the support agencies that take government funding are defrauding our government by DOUBLE-BILLING for the services they provide!


You may be surprised to hear that most legal immigrants despise anyone that comes here illegally, it hurts their chances for employment, and ILLEGALS take public aid away from needy legal immigrants (and Americans). The money saved by throwing the bums out would, over time, pay for itself many times over. If we DOUBLE-BILLED the home country for each of their citizens we send back we could actually put a dent in our national debt…..now there is a novel idea!!

4. MANDATORY prison sentences for anyone found to be involved in any scheme to deceive law enforcement as to one’s citizenship. Aiding IN ANY WAY anyone here illegally.

Yeah, sounds pretty tough, but Mexico is already way ahead of us, they’ve had laws like this on their books for a very long time!

You libs are a HUGE joke, and hypocrisy at it’s most audacious. You come here sounding so concerned for the COST of enforcement of a law designed to do more good to our country and economy than harm, so noble of you to be so concerned.

All I want to know is where were all you budget-minded socialist puppets when your messiah was BUYING votes for his health care bill….that has sent this country into a financial tailspin that we may never recover from?

I guess based on your logic, we should just open the borders and allow them to take over the country completely. Next thing you see will be running gun battles in the streets like in Mexico now. They are here illegally period! They should be arrested and deported. Why are they allowed to come here and steal American identities, jobs, and not pay taxes?

Why should we allow this country to be another third world country like Mexico? Stupid logic on your part..

So crime is ok when we don’t have the money to enforce the laws on the books? Then do away with all criminal codes and fire the entire police force, the State and county AG andd their staffs. The budget problem will be solved instantly.

Didn’t agree with much with GW as president but have to agree that his policy for immigration made great sense and he didn’t get any credit for it. Would hate to be working in law enforcement in Arizona with all these new crazy laws with guns and now with immigration. Gonna be busy.
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Right now you have people who have been here for 10-15-20 years on guess permit. Once here they don’t leave. With the computer and copiers you can then change the permit to suite your desired time.
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Jerry; I will say that you are very much informed; since I suspect you are in the business of selling permits to illegals I want to get in contact with you RE: permits. ” Right now you have people who have been here for 10-15-20 years on guess permit. Once here they don’t leave. With the computer and copiers you can then change the permit to suite your desired time”

Jerry: You are massively misinformed as there is no such thing as a GUEST PERMIT or for that matter any TYPE of PERMIT. Study the INA before you look foolish!

The only thing this adds to the police is checking legal status when there’s probable cause. This is something the MCSO does all the time without any problems.

It’s only the departments with sanctuary policies that are whining about this minor duty.

Like Phoenix.

Maybe they can sell that private plane and hire a few more officers so they can DO THEIR JOB!
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Learn to read. The standard is reasonable suspicion, not probable cause. Huge difference. MCSO does it without any problems because they do it when people come to the jails, and they do it when they do sweeps. Otherwise, they’re not really making a dent in the numbers of undocumented people.

By the way, just to humor me, if you were a cop, what would cause you to be reasonably suspicious?

pintochico….. the lack of an Arizona Driver’s license would give me reasonable cause.

You probably also favor racial profiling although I bet you’d get steaming mad if it was done to you. What about the Hispanic US citizens that can be profiled, stopped and questioned based on appearance alone? That’s not right since racial profiling is illegal. Why should a natural born Hispanic American or legalized Hispanic citizen have to end up being profiled simply because of the way they look or appear to others? Racial profiling is inconvenient and illegal. Would you like it if you were stopped and profiled? Or how about someone assuming you’re something you’re not, just because of the way you look? What if you were thought to be a KKK member just because you’re White? How would you feel?

The out-of-staters need some imodium for the problem they have with their mouths. Gascon isn’t here, shut the (“what”) up.

Those who ARE here…”Bill supporters say it would do just the opposite.

Mark Spencer, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, which represents Phoenix police officers, has said his group supports the measure because it would give local authorities the ability to better enforce the law.

“To hinder or restrict local law enforcement from partnering with their federal counterparts in ICE or Border Patrol increases the risk of danger not only for the community but also for officers,” he said.

Officer Justin Harris, president of the Glendale Law Enforcement Association, said that by taking illegal immigrants off the streets, police will be preventing crimes they might commit.

“If we can focus on stopping the less-serious crime, that in itself stops crime,” Harris said.”

Stop the thieving, raping, killing illegals. Robert Krentz. How many more US citizens need to lose loved ones?

Sign it, Gov Brewer.
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Interesting that you pick the quote from Officer Justin Harris, president of the Glendale Law Enforcement Association, “by taking illegal immigrants off the streets, police will be preventing crimes they might commit.”
That may well be true, but following his logic, if we want to completely eliminate crime in our state, simply arrest every man, woman, and child. Presto, no crimes will be committed.
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Illegal aliens ARE criminals factoring in false SSN’s, ID theft, non reporting of income, etc.———ALL of which are Federal crimes.

No, arkypol.

Not everyone is a criminal. Illegals are already lawbreakers. Selectively removing lawbreakers from the streets WILL reduce the likelihood that they will beak more laws.

but remember the illegal are already committing a crime if we got rid of them we would be much better off, sign the bill gov

Dumb analysis/interpretation!!!

I copied from the author’s article, simple.

bestisyet2comE and Wile, edge well said and good points made…Sign the bill Gov Brewer

I’m going to laugh hysterically if Obama chooses to get involved. That would all but ensure him of being a 1 term no-wonder.

The majority in this state AND the country want immigration laws enforced. And they will not be forgiving should Obama try and stop states from cleaning up his federal mess.
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WileE that’s not true this is national and other States are against this sb1070

Obama LOVES THIS…SINCE AZ. IS A PURPLE STATE…HE THINKS HE CAN GET MORE “ILLEGAL VOTERS” AS HE DID LAST TIME…however, with this law it will also tighten the voter rolls. When I called today to make sure I am on the “early ballot” list, I was asked a whole lot of questions…that the illegals who have voted had better be able to remember…early or at the polls. By the way, illegals are like cockroaches in Chicago, and I am sure he and his “FRIENDS” WOULD LIKE NOTHING BETTER TO SEE THE ABILITY TO GET RID OF A BUNCH OF THEM UP THERE!!! THIS WHOLE COUNTRY IS FED UP…IT’S JUST THAT WE HAVE THE *ALLS TO START THE BALL ROLLING!!!! FOR ONCE, AZ. IS ON THE FOREFRONT OF “REAL CHANGE” IN THIS COUNTRY!!!

This is not Obama’s mess. This has been happening forever.

Cite your sources for your claim of the “majority.”

bestis yet, you are absolutely right. most of the mouthbreathers bitching about this bill DON’T EVEN LIVE HERE! I’m sick of people from Cali, Mexico, and DC trying to tell us how to solve our problems, when they can’t even get a handle on their own. 95% of Arizonans I’ve talked to regarding this bill can’t wait for it to pass.
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Illegal is illegal, whether it is someone who moved here illegally or a police officer who is racially profiling. Both are illegal and I’m against both.

If people from other states are complaining it is simply because they cannot comprehend the problems illegals cause. From jobs being unavailable to citizens to higher medical costs to lower average wages.

But I have a solution. We have over half a million illegals. They can have them and then let us know how it impacts them in a few years.

I agree with having Bill 1070 becoming law. If the Federal Government can’t or won’t enforce the Laws of this land, then the heck with them! As an illegal…you have no rights other than the right to leave this country!!

Here’s a joke for you…


300 illegal’s working in Phoenix Valley all with FORGED PAPERS – I can see many American Citizens NEEDING and WANTING those jobs! By the way, this wasn’t a Sheriff Joe issue…it was ICE. Just wanted to make sure that the whiners understand that…you know how they are?!

I wonder who is really complaining about that…is it the legal citizen or the illegal who is violating the law or that Un-American Pro-Amnesty group leaders who are making money off the illegal’s by representing them, the media so they can boost their ratings, the church who can get away with child molesting and not be punished for the crime in a court of law like the average citizen would be? Answer those questions before you think there’s a problem with our laws.

I agree that the Federal Government should be and always should have ENFORCED OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS like other foreign nations do. We seem to let it slide and based on politics, WE JUST LOOK GOOD ON PAPER BUT FAIL to do what LAWMAKERS pass into law or shall I say, they CREATE and DROP THE BALL. A pretty lousy basketball team if you ask me!

It’s amazing that if those say we are racial profiling, are they possibly the ones that have something to hide? In law enforcement, it is better to assess a situation and try to intervene in “crime prevention” than letting crimes happen. In other words, ‘OFFENDER PROFILING’ is the term that should be used. For those who feel that their feelings are hurt if they are suspected of wrongdoing, they prefer to say that law enforcement is ‘racial profiling’. You know, the ones that claim some excuse for their own doings. The media loves to use these terms, some Hispanic congressman like to use the term because if ‘AMNESTY’ is ever granted, that they will win more voters who came here illegally. Pretty stupid when you think that they might lose voters who are Caucasian or any other color?? I guess you call that “political transfusion” to stay alive in a career that is self-serving rather than self-giving!! I will not say that all crimes are done by illegal’s but the crimes committed are in fact done by those we hear about…human traffic smuggling and drug trafficking from the southern borders for starters. If we don’t do offender profiling, what is worse, seeing suspicious activity or persons and say we can’t do anything about it because it might be profiling? Whose will be blamed for not doing anything, law enforcement, your elected officials, your neighbor, your relative, and your friends?? Who are you going to blame for a tragedy, personal/property or a death, when it is ‘you’ who could have prevented it?
My complaint is that if the few police chiefs are saying that it will cost more money to enforce the immigration laws, how can they really say that? If you are working a shift, the severity of crimes get the attention first…why are they saying that this law makes it a PRIORITY over other crimes and that it drains resources? Seems like an outright excuse!! So you can’t have as many donuts! The more we do to protect the community as a whole, the better it is for everyone, quote “EVERYONE”! ! I did not hear or read that this law makes it a PRIORITY but a means to rid ourselves of being ignorant to FEDERAL LAWS that the federal government has failed to enforce.
That no additional funding to train officers in how to judge reasonable suspicion?? What the heck was the training for to even become a police officer??!! If you weren’t trained to be more observant, to know the difference between reasonable and unreasonable suspicion, then you should not be involved in law enforcement to begin with! I say again…OFFENDER PROFILING is what this is all about. It is not about RACIAL PROFILING as opponents are suggesting.

Now is it the illegal’s fault for living here illegally? No, it is our own government, at city, county, state and federal levels who have failed. Is it their fault for being here illegally? YES! Who is paying for their misgivings, the American taxpayer!! Now who is at fault for this situation we are in? Think this through clearly as the real answer is a no-brainer!!
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The illegal alien apologists only feel identity theft to be a crime when white people do it. If illegals are stealing identities to “better their lives” then that makes it OK.
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Yeah, what the (inappropriate term) is up with that? I’ve been a victim of identity theft, and if I ever run into that guy, I’m going to drag his ass across the border myself.

Edge, you’re assuming that the perpetrator was an illegal alien. The person who stole my identity was a white guy and I’m not even white!

The TRUE is that People supporting Bill 1070 are afraid that Hispanics will be the majority an a few years and will be voting for Hispanics politicians and soon(very soon!) they will have the POWER in this beautiful country.. ABURRRR !!
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Latinos are ALREADY the majority in their home countries. Fat lot of good that did them or their home countries. For that matter, the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim Helu, is “Mexican” but is really the son of LEBANESE immigrants to that country. Shows you how little Mexicans are able to get ahead in their own country while immigrants outdo them.

Thats the fear of the Good Old boys club in Washington. But they are more afraid of their contributors not giving them money. Thats why you haven’t seen any bill being passed that puts any real damages to an employer. They don’t want the supports of the Republican party to have to pay for any mistakes.

As we see the politicians in Mexico are great, yeah right – the country has been beyond corrupt.
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Just like in AZ.

The USA isn’t perfect either wise guy, no country on this earth is. As a nation we just like to act superior to others we feel are beneath us.

Jake85018 seems those from Mexico seem our political set up (including the politicians) – why else are they all trying to get here? Is Mexico running a better more honest system. I didn’t say our system was perfect, but I would say it is better (superior).

Also, real mature with the wise guy name calling

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