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A State of Shame – Arizona Racial Profiling or US Dept. of State Should Issue Travel Warnings for Arizona

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on April 25, 2010

President Obama was quite kind when he said he believed that Arizona was “misguided” in the new law requiring people to be able to provide proof of citizenship or legal entry.  It is racial profiling, plain and simple, you can dress it up any way you want to, it is what it is.  I am quite convinced that the state of Arizona has absolutely no moral compass with the passing of the most recent legislation.  Since an appeal to what is right and wrong, an appeal to what this country was founded on, the principles of America being a great melting pot, the best option to bring the point home to Arizona is to boycott it.  Hit ’em in the pocket book.  Exactly how tho?  I thought, I pondered, I mused..then it hit me, tourism!  I began my search on the net and went to this site:  http://www.arizonaguide.com/arizona-travel-info/faqs# where I clicked on the live help button, and chatted with Maria.  Here’s the transcript:

Support Chat


Enter an email address where the chat transcript will be sent after the chat ends.
Your Email:
Your Name:
Thanks for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly…

This window requires Javascript support.
Please enable scripting.

[Visitor] hi.. i have a few questions
[Maria_K] Hi, I’m Maria_K. How may I help you?
[Visitor] yes Maria i am wondering with this new immigration law, if you have people coming in from other states, exactly how does that affect them?
[Maria_K] For more information on this subject you can contact Kiva Couchon (pronounced “coo shawn”) her contact information is kcouchon@azot.gov or 602-364-3724.

[Visitor] ok, well another question i have is…how much revenue does tourism bring to the state of Arizona?
[Maria_K] One minute please while I work on this for you.
[Visitor] ok

[Maria_K] I found this for 2008, I am sure the numbers have increased but it will give you an idea http://azot.gov/section.aspx?sid=29

[Visitor]one final question, am i the only person who you have talked to about visiting from another state and immigration?
[Maria_K] No, and I am sure you won’t be the last, but you are one of  the nicer ones.
[Visitor] i’ve done customer service..it is a challenge, hang in there maria! and thanks
Send Message:

So I looked at the info Maria gave me, specifically http://azot.gov/documents/Arizona%202008%20Tourism%20Facts.pdf

Here are some interesting stats:

76% of the overnight visitors to Arizona were from Mexico, or 3.8 million people, now I wonder if I owned a motel in Arizona and the economy is tough, and now with this legislation I have just risked offending over 3/4 of my customer base, I think my ass would be twitching…not to mention the restaurants, and all the other money that is spent in conjunction with visiting Arizona.

Take some time, look at the stats, and tell me that if the state of Arizona were a business, could they afford to have this type of marketing to make their business successful?  The US Dept. of State often puts out travel warnings for Americans traveling abroad, perhaps now they need to include a domestic travel warning for Arizona.

Then as the day progressed, hang on to your hats I am going to quote a Fox news story….

Phoenix Mayor: Arizona Immigration Law Puts Seniors, Kids at Risk of Being Arrested


Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon says seniors, kids and out-of-staters should be wary of the Arizona immigration bill signed into law this past week — warning that it puts them at risk of being arrested.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon says seniors, kids and out-of-staters should be wary of the Arizona immigration bill signed into law this past week — warning that it puts them at risk of being arrested.

The law makes illegal immigration a state crime. It gives police the authority to question people about their immigration status and arrest those who cannot show documentation to establish their legal residency.

Gordon, a staunch opponent of the state law, said that means anyone who doesn’t carry an Arizona license — children under 16, seniors who don’t drive and people from out of state — could be “at risk of being arrested and turned over to (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).”

“It tramples civil rights,” Gordon told Fox News on Sunday. “Now everyone has to show and prove that they’re a legal resident or citizen.”

The mayor of Arizona’s largest city is at odds with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the bill Friday and described the legislation as her state’s answer to “decades of inaction and misguided policy” in Washington.

It’s unclear whether non-state license holders would be as susceptible to arrest as Gordon described.

A “valid Arizona” driver’s license is just one of several types of documentation the law says would count as proof of residency.


I urge you to all contact the state of Arizona, tell them your dollars will not be spent in Arizona!  I know my dollars won’t be going there!  I have contacted them, I’ll let you know that if I ever get a response.  At the end of this entry is  a list of phone numbers and emails.

Never in my life would I have thought that this would happen in the US of A.  It reeks of Nazism – ironic isn’t it, Pres. Obama has been called everything from a socialist to a Nazi and yet it is the state of Arizona, under Republican leadership that has in effect instituted a very similar policy that the Nazi’s had, checking “papers”.    Shall we tattoo those people who have violated the law?  Or shall we tattoo those people who are here legally?  Which would make it more convenient?  What is next?  If your name doesn’t sound quite “right” meaning it isn’t John “my ass is lily white and I’m a Republican” Jones, well perhaps Arizona could also solve that problem too.

Yes there is a problem with illegal aliens, but this is not the solution.  This is a solution aimed at getting those right winged Tea Party, gun toting, racially biased white folks all worked up.  It is an agenda of fear.  It is a coward’s agenda, I cannot help but believe that the founding father’s are turning in their graves.


First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.
WE MUST SPEAK OUT, it is only a matter of time before you and I do not fit into whatever somebody else deems as valuable.  Do not let this happen.

I am ashamed of Arizona and I am going to let them know it with my emails and I am keeping my lily white ass and my dollars OUT of Arizona!

Contact them:

Gov. of Az.  Jan Brewer http://azgovernor.gov/Contact.asp

Phone (602)
Fax (602)
Paula Aboud 28 D paboud@azleg.gov 314 926-5262 926-3429
Amanda Aguirre 24 D aaguirre@azleg.gov 314 926-4139 417-3184
Carolyn S. Allen 8 R callen@azleg.gov 303 926-4480 417-3155
Sylvia Allen 5 R sallen@azleg.gov 307 926-5219 417-3005
Manuel V. “Manny” Alvarez 25 D malvarez@azleg.gov 311 926-5895 417-3025
Frank Antenori 30 R fantenori@azleg.gov 304 926-5683 417-3147
David Braswell 6 R dbraswell@azleg.gov 304 926-5284 417-3106
Ed Bunch 7 R ebunch@azleg.gov 302 926-4916 417-3250
Robert “Bob” Burns
9 R rburns@azleg.gov 204 926-5993 417-3225
Meg Burton Cahill 17 D mburtoncahill@azleg.gov 313 926-4124 417-3245
Ken Cheuvront 15 D kcheuvront@azleg.gov 315 926-5325 417-3149
Jorge Luis Garcia
Minority Leader
27 D jgarcia@azleg.gov 213 926-4171 417-3262
Pamela Gorman 6 R Vacated seat on 1/25/2010
Ron Gould 3 R rgould@azleg.gov 303 926-4138 417-3165
Chuck Gray
Majority Leader
19 R cgray@azleg.gov 212 926-5288 417-3161
Linda Gray 10 R lgray@azleg.gov 309 926-3376 417-3253
Albert Hale 2 D ahale@azleg.gov 313 926-4323 417-3160
Jack W. Harper 4 R jharper@azleg.gov 301 926-4178 417-3154
John Huppenthal 20 R jhuppenthal@azleg.gov 300 926-5261 417-3257
Leah Landrum Taylor 16 D llandrumtaylor@azleg.gov 312 926-3830 417-3148
Barbara Leff
President Pro Tempore
11 R bleff@azleg.gov 302 926-4486 417-3270
Linda Lopez
Minority Whip
29 D llopez@azleg.gov 315 926-4089 417-3029
Debbie McCune Davis 14 D dmccunedavis@azleg.gov 311 926-4485 926-3429
Al Melvin 26 R amelvin@azleg.gov 303 926-4326 417-3159
Richard Miranda 13 D rmiranda@azleg.gov 308 926-5911 417-3271
John Nelson 12 R jnelson@azleg.gov 305 926-5872 417-3112
Jonathan Paton 30 R Vacated seat on 2/22/2010
Russell Pearce 18 R rpearce@azleg.gov 110 926-5760 417-3118
Steve Pierce
Majority Whip
1 R spierce@azleg.gov 212 926-5584 926-3429
Rebecca Rios
Assistant Minority Leader
23 D rrios@azleg.gov 213 926-5685 417-3167
Jay Tibshraeny 21 R jtibshraeny@azleg.gov 306 926-4481 417-3252
Thayer Verschoor 22 R tverschoor@azleg.gov 310 926-4136 417-3220
Jim Waring 7 R Vacated seat on 1/28/2010

House Roster

Name Sort By Name
District Sort By District
Phone (602)
Fax (602)
Edward Ableser 17 D eableser@azleg.gov 331 926-4118 417-3164
Kirk Adams
Speaker of the House
19 R kadams@azleg.gov 221 926-5495 417-3019
Frank Antenori 30 R Vacated seat on 3/4/2010
Cecil P. Ash 18 R cash@azleg.gov 127 926-3160 417-3151
Ray Barnes 7 R rbarnes@azleg.gov 110 926-5503 417-3107
Nancy K. Barto 7 R nbarto@azleg.gov 112 926-5766 417-3011
Andy Biggs 22 R abiggs@azleg.gov 312 926-4371 417-3022
Tom Boone 4 R tboone@azleg.gov 313 926-3297 417-3004
David Bradley 28 D dbradley@azleg.gov 337 926-3300 417-3028
Jack A. Brown 5 D jbrown@azleg.gov 316 926-4129 417-3010
Judy M. Burges 4 R jburges@azleg.gov 302 926-5861 417-3104
Olivia Cajero Bedford 27 D ocajerobedford@azleg.gov 338 926-5835 417-3027
Chad Campbell
Minority Whip
14 D chcampbell@azleg.gov 333 926-3026 417-3037
Cloves C. Campbell, Jr. 16 D clcampbell@azleg.gov 124 926-3042 417-3117
Tom Chabin 2 D tchabin@azleg.gov 318 926-5160 417-3002
Steve Court 18 R scourt@azleg.gov 118 926-4467 417-3018
Rich Crandall 19 R rcrandall@azleg.gov 113 926-3020 417-3119
Sam Crump 6 R Vacated seat on 2/1/2010
Christopher Deschene 2 D cdeschene@azleg.gov 325 926-5862 417-3102
Adam Driggs 11 R adriggs@azleg.gov 222 926-3016 417-3007
Steve Farley 28 D sfarley@azleg.gov 119 926-3022 417-3128
Patricia V. Fleming 25 D pfleming@azleg.gov 125 926-5836 417-3125
Martha Garcia 13 D mgarcia@azleg.gov 335 926-5830 417-3113
Doris Goodale 3 R dgoodale@azleg.gov 310 926-5408 417-3103
David Gowan 30 R dgowan@azleg.gov 117 926-3312 417-3130
Matt Heinz 29 D mheinz@azleg.gov 126 926-3424 417-3129
Laurin Hendrix 22 R lhendrix@azleg.gov 344 926-5735 417-3122
Russell L. Jones 24 R rjones@azleg.gov 345 926-3002 417-3124
John Kavanagh 8 R jkavanagh@azleg.gov 114 926-5170 417-3108
Bill Konopnicki 5 R bkonopnicki@azleg.gov 219 926-5409 417-3105
Debbie Lesko 9 R dlesko@azleg.gov 129 926-5413 417-3109
Phil Lopes 27 D plopes@azleg.gov 330 926-3278 417-3127
David Lujan
Minority Leader
15 D dlujan@azleg.gov 320 926-5829 417-3115
Lucy Mason 1 R lmason@azleg.gov 304 926-5874 417-3001
John McComish
Majority Leader
20 R jmccomish@azleg.gov 206 926-5898 417-3020
Barbara McGuire 23 D bmcguire@azleg.gov 322 926-3012 417-3123
Nancy McLain 3 R nmclain@azleg.gov 303 926-5051 417-3003
Eric Meyer 11 D emeyer@azleg.gov 121 926-3037 417-3111
Robert Meza 14 D rmeza@azleg.gov 339 926-3425 417-3114
Ben R. Miranda 16 D bmiranda@azleg.gov 323 926-4893 417-3116
Steve B. Montenegro 12 R smontenegro@azleg.gov 309 926-5955 417-3168
Rick Murphy 9 R rmurphy@azleg.gov 111 926-3255 417-3009
Warde V. Nichols 21 R wnichols@azleg.gov 306 926-5168 417-3021
Lynne Pancrazi 24 D lpancrazi@azleg.gov 324 926-3004 417-3179
Daniel Patterson 29 D dpatterson@azleg.gov 123 926-5342 417-3169
Frank Pratt 23 R fpratt@azleg.gov 115 926-5761 417-3023
Doug Quelland 10 R dquelland@azleg.gov 128 926-3024 417-3110
Michele Reagan 8 R mreagan@azleg.gov 220 926-5828 417-3008
Amanda A. Reeve 6 R areeve@azleg.gov 342 926-3014 417-3048
David Schapira 17 D dschapira@azleg.gov 332 926-3028 417-3038
Carl Seel 6 R cseel@azleg.gov 341 926-3018 417-3006
Kyrsten Sinema
Assistant Minority Leader
15 D ksinema@azleg.gov 321 926-5058 417-3015
David W. Stevens 25 R dstevens@azleg.gov 116 926-4321 417-3146
Andrew M. Tobin
Majority Whip
1 R atobin@azleg.gov 217 926-5172 417-3085
Anna Tovar 13 D atovar@azleg.gov 325 926-3392 417-3013
Ted Vogt 30 R tvogt@azleg.gov 307 926-3235 417-3030
Rae Waters 20 D rwaters@azleg.gov 122 926-5550 417-3120
Jim Weiers 10 R jweiers@azleg.gov 223 926-4173 417-3153
Jerry Weiers 12 R jpweiers@azleg.gov 131 926-5894 417-3012
Vic Williams 26 R vwilliams@azleg.gov 308 926-5839 417-3026
Steven B. Yarbrough
Speaker Pro Tempore
21 R syarbrough@azleg.gov 218 926-5863 417-3121
Nancy Young Wright 26 D nyoungwright@azleg.gov 329 926-3398 417-3126


5 Responses to “A State of Shame – Arizona Racial Profiling or US Dept. of State Should Issue Travel Warnings for Arizona”

  1. Montana said

    Arizona can pass race base laws, pass birthers laws and the state can continue to boycott Martin Luther King Day, well the rest of the Country can boycott the state of Arizona and spank them where it hurts them the most their pocket book. Their phony patriotism is sickening, they are just racists going by another name. We all know you are just itching to put a sheet on their head? Let’s face it the Republicans had eight years to deal with health care, immigration, climate change and financial oversight and governance and they failed. It appears that the Republican Party is only good at starting wars (two in eight years, with fat contracts to friends of Cheney/Bush) but not at winning wars as seen by the continuing line of body bags that keep coming home. The Republicans party will continue turned inward to their old fashion obstructionist party (and their Confederacy appreciation roots) because they continue to allow a small portions (but very loud portion) of their party of “birthers, baggers and blowhards” to rule their party. I will admit that this fringe is very good at playing “Follow the Leader” by listening to their dullard leaders, Beck, Hedgecock, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush, Savage, Sarah Bailin, Orly Taitz, Victoria Jackson, Michele Bachmann and the rest of the Blowhards and acting as ill programmed robots (they have already acted against doctors that perform abortions). The Birthers and the Tea party crowd think they can scare, intimidate and force others to go along with them by comments like “This time we came unarmed”, let me tell you something not all ex-military join the fringe militia crazies who don’t pay taxes and run around with face paint in the parks playing commando, the majority are mature and understand that the world is more complicated and grey than the black and white that these simpleton make it out to be and that my friend is the point. The world is complicated and people like Hamilton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt believed that we should use government a little to increase social mobility, now it’s about dancing around the claim of government is the problem. The sainted Reagan passed the biggest tax increase in American history and as a result federal employment increased, but facts are lost when mired in mysticism and superstition. For a party that gave us Abraham Lincoln, it is tragic that the ranks are filled with too many empty suits and the crazy Birthers who have not learned that the way our courts work is that you get a competent lawyer, verifiable facts and present them to a judge, if the facts are real and not half baked internet lies, then, and only then, do you proceed to trial. The Birthers seem to be having a problem with their so called “facts”. Let’s face it no one will take the Birthers seriously until they win a case, but until then, you will continue to appear dumb, crazy or racist, or maybe all three. I heard that Orly Taitz now wants to investigate the “Republican 2009 Summer of Love” list: Assemblyman, Michael D. Duvall (CA), Senator John Ensign (NV), Senator Paul Stanley (TN), Governor Mark Stanford (SC), Board of Ed Chair, and Kristin Maguire AKA Bridget Keeney (SC), she wants to re-establish a family values party, that’s like saying that the Catholic Church cares about the welling being of children in their care, too late for that .

  2. I chatted with Maria K also. I should a been nicer

    • It’s not her fault….the people who should be chatting with the public are the law makers, the Governor, the people who are getting paid to do the peoples work should be the ones answering the questions, taking the heat. Try to call one of those offices and actually speak to the law maker, you will get just about everybody from the assistant to the dog, everybody except the lawmaker. The state of Arizona will help reduce unemployment, they will have to hire more people to take the heat from this so the law makers are not pushed outside their comfort zone and actually called to be accountable for the mess they are creating.

  3. I got a response from Kiva


    It is BS

    • Nothing like getting a canned response – but don’t worry according to Sarah Palin we are all Arizonans! Somebody needs to wake this woman up, and let her know we ALL ARE NOT ARIZONANS – I still maintain this is nothing more than a political move for a gov. who is facing a tough political season…have you seen the other law signed which would eliminate ethnic studies?

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