The Truth Shall Set You Free…It might piss you off first, but it will set you free.

New Award Political Hall of Shame…Or Michele Bachmann Another Politican Full of Sh*t

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on April 23, 2010

(Note: I’m back….life interfered with blogging…here is the post I was working on when lifus interuptus hit..)

I have decided to create a new award for all those politicians or want to be politicians who think the American public is blind, deaf and dumb.  The first ever You Are So Full of Shit goes to….drum roll please….

It’s a Tie!  But I have a sneaking suspicion that whom ever Sarah Palin campaigns for there is sure to be some questionable statements presented as fact.  I had no idea who Michele Bachmann was, until Sarah Palin campaigned for her, this immediately drew my attention, and I was not disappointed.  I actually watched Sean Hannity interview Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann at their Minnesota Rally.  I had the distinct feeling I was watching Dr. Evil and Mini Me being interviewed, the clapping seals in the audience were terrifying, but I digress..I didn’t know who she really was, but her remarks made me uneasy, so I started out looking into her..her philosophy, her goals.  Do you know what I found?  She is scary, Sarah Palin kinda scary.  I would highly recommend the following blog: http://dumpbachmann.blogspot.com/


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