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FOX NEWS or the Al Jazeera of the USA or Garbage In Garbage Out

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on March 31, 2010

I was not going to blog this week – in the interest of trying to focus a bit more on the spiritual side of life…well that whole idea went to hell in a handbasket when I read Fox news had 1.30 million viewers.

Objective news:

According to Nielsen Media Research Fox News network captured its largest average total day audience – 1.30 million total – in its 14-year-history. CNN its competition  saw the largest ratings drop – double digits – from the first quarter a year ago, figures show.

Political Monkey Analysis:


No wonder we have such a vigilante , obnoxious environment in politics and on the streets of this country.  If you are getting your news source from Fox I have news for you, you aren’t getting news.  You are getting theatrics, you are getting opinion (however misguided), more importantly you are getting opinion that is designed to compete for ratings – entertainment.  Designed to give you buzz phrases, little doses of information wrapped up nicely in a package.  Don’t think, let Fox and Mr. Murdock do all the thinking for you.  The advertising alone should distinguish what the audience mentality is…I won’t even name the company on Fox that advertises survival seeds to plant your own garden in the event of the economic collapse..what do you think that says?  It wasn’t an ad about grow your own garden and save money, or do something about the earth, it was a survivalist promotion.  It is fearmongering, that is what it is.  Just like the Fox news line up, fear sells people, wake up!!!  This has nothing to do with what Mr. and Mrs. America need to hear, it is all about what makes ratings, what makes advertising dollars.  Fear sells.  God forbid that Fox just present the facts, do they think the American public is that stupid that they cannot determine on their own what is going on?  Do they think that we need to be entertained 24/7..and do not have the capability to think?  Is that what the ratings are telling us – that we are idiots?  Unable to discern information?  Unable to form our own opinions?  WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!  Turn off those FOX theatrics known as  newscasts.

It is time for us to grow up and get real news, get the facts, not half truths, not opinion but solid facts.

Political Monkey Solution:

1.  Turn off the Fox Chanel!!!!!

2.  Beware of those publications and media sources owned by Rupert Murdoch…Wall Street Journal(which makes me cry, used to be such a reputable source of objective and solid news, now viewed with suspicion)  Note I will be publishing more on Murdock later)

3.  Turn on NPR or CNN – preferably NPR, don’t forget the PBS News Hour


One Response to “FOX NEWS or the Al Jazeera of the USA or Garbage In Garbage Out”

  1. gesvol said

    Have to agree with you in regards to Fox News. The bias of the network is of course a problem, but even if you take that bias away, you are not left with a good news network. They focus way too much on tabloid garbage. (This is a problem that plagues all of the TV news networks, though I would agree that CNN does a better job avoiding this than the others. I fear, though, that has they continue to struggle in the ratings that they will feel more compelled to go in the tabloid direction.)

    I agree wholeheartedly about NPR. This is the news source that I believe does the best job of being “fair and balanced”. It is also a news source that is much more likely to go in depth into a story (instead of just the soundbites you get on TV).

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