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Netanyahu Vs. Obama or Epiphanies on the Treadmill

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on March 27, 2010

Yesterday I followed my normal routine..which means, coffee, fed the cat, browse the headlines..and with one eye half opened I hit the treadmill for the required 40 minutes…I find this to be the best solution because generally I am half way done before I am even awake – so there I was a minute 12, mulling through my mind the latest news from Israel…(yes I do have a post on that coming, but I am still so inflamed I am having a hard time formulating something besides idiots, arrogant idiot)…but I digress…

All of a sudden it hit me!  I almost fell of the machine.

You are going to have to bear with me a moment and follow the logic, for some it may be new territory, for others you will grasp it immediately.

We all have archetypes, if I say to you that woman is a natural mother, you know exactly what I mean, you don’t need a further explanation, or that man is a prince.  Carl Jung would call it an archetype.  One archetype each and every soul on the planet has is the victim archetype.  Everybody has been a victim at one time or another – it is a universal experience, can’t escape it, sooner or later you will be a victim.  Ok, having said that individual archetypes also apply to groups.

We have two men, Netanyahu and Obama, both men have been a victim of horrific history, the holocaust and slavery.  There is no denying the experience of either, it is part of their history, just like you and I have a personal history we also have a “tribal” history.  It is part of who we are, and the holocaust and slavery, while neither man personally experienced it, it is still part of who they are.  This is not a judgment call, it is what it is.. we all have it.

What distinguishes the two is where are they in the victim experience?  I am sure that you know somebody who has been a victim of a horrific situation, for example, an abusive marriage.  They live in their victimization, perhaps they get out of the marriage, but then say things like, I will be in another relationship because I have trust issues from my previous marriage.  Maybe they even go to therapy for years on end..and yet never seem to progress.  They remain as the victim because it is comfortable for them, it actually gives them leverage, almost a currency.  These people will look for the first opportunity to tell somebody new that has entered into their lives how awful their ex was and what a terrible experience they have endured.  Ever met somebody like that?  Then there is the victim who works through their experience, the person who decides I am out of this situation, and I am moving on, while they never forget the experience, they don’t “live” in it, they come out the other side of the experience as empowered.  Maybe it takes 6 months, maybe it takes 10 years, but they come out the other side.

We have the victim Netanyahu – still using the political currency of his victimization, and we have the victim Obama – who has worked through his victimization, from slavery to literally the leader of the free world.  Their victims were talking to each other!

Just food for the mill!  Think about it..get back to me


The Political Monkey


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