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Sarah Palin The Gifts Just Keep on Comin’ Or Sarah Palin: Is This Known as Self Hatred?

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on March 23, 2010

Ok, I promise I don’t go looking for these Sarah Palin stories, but the woman is just a cornucopia of disaster, and no human being alive can resist it when she sets herself up so well.  Hence, the above picture, it is my gift to you Sarah, let me know where to send it.

You may recall that Sarah rated #1 with “death panel” hyperbole — which earned her the  award of Lie of the Year from PolitiFact.com.  Evidently Sarah knows a good thing when she sees it and is gunning for that #1 lie again as she tweeted out:  Shocking new questions re:whether military healthcare plans r protected under Obamacare. How will underpaid troops afford their own purchase? [sic]

Here’s the truth:  While Sarah was busy tweeting, absolutely unaware of what was really going on, the House was in the middle of passing legislation, hang on to your hates in a BIPARTISAN bipartisan vote of 403 to 0 – that specifically protected all members of the military from any requirements mandated by the health-care legislation.

John Rowan, head of Vietnam Veterans of America, praised the passage of the House legislation and said that it “ensures that health care programs for veterans, active duty military, retired military, and their families/survivors will not be affected negatively by the pending health care reform legislation.”

Then she graced us all on Fox TV with Bill O’Reilly, even he couldn’t take it!

Somebody do this woman a favor and close her twitter account! Fox try to save what little credibility you have left and get rid of this woman or put her on a reality show…..



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