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Sen. Dodd – A Man with Some Balls!

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on March 16, 2010

After a bit of a haitus I am back, life interferes with blogging…so I have a laundry list..first on the list is kudos to Sen. Dodd for introducing legislation that has been in the pipe line for quite awhile.

“Americans are frustrated and angry. They’ve lost faith in our markets, and they wonder if anyone is looking out for them,” said Mr. Dodd, stressing the need to start hashing out the Senate legislation using his bill as a “road map.”

“We don’t have many days left to get this job done. So there is a sense of urgency. … We do need to act,” he said.

Do I think this bill will solve everything?   No, but at least somebody is doing something!  Why is it so difficult to understand and agree that you have to start some where?


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