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Israel – or You Don’t Pee in My Pool and I Won’t Sh*t in Your Sandbox Part 2

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on March 16, 2010

Ok, I know it isn’t a nice visual, it isn’t meant to be.  This middle east peace process has been going on for decades.  One has to wonder if nobody has informed Israel?

Last week V.P. Joe Biden was in Israel trying to jump start the peace process, and what should Israel announce while Biden is there?  A plan to expand another 1,600 homes in occupied East Jerusalem.  Diplomatic faux paux or a deliberate snub at the US?  I find it hard to believe that was just bad timing.    Benjamin Netanyahu is not a man likely to be uninformed about what announcements are coming out regarding the hot topic of settlement issues.

I have to give the Obama administration credit, they took Israel to task, unlike the previous Bush administration who gave Israel carte blanche.    Hillary Clinton had a tense phone call with Netanyahu in which aides say she demanded a reversal of the decision on the East Jerusalem settlements and additional gestures by Israel to the Palestinians to demonstrate its seriousness about negotiations.

In his first public remarks on what Israeli commentators called his most serious crisis with Washington since taking office a year ago, he gave no sign he would meet Palestinian demands to cancel a project for 1,600 new settler homes.

“I suggest not to get carried away and to calm down,” Netanyahu told his cabinet, after a reprimand by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and written statements issued by the prime minister’s office that failed to calm the dispute.

“There was a regrettable incident here, that occurred innocently,” Netanyahu said, referring to an announcement by a government ministry during a visit last week by Vice President Joe Biden, of planned construction in an area of the West Bank that Israel has annexed to Jerusalem.

The timing of the disclosure, after Palestinians agreed to indirect peace talks, embarrassed Biden and raised questions over whether Israel’s settlement policy could harm U.S.-Israeli security cooperation on the question of Iran.

“It was hurtful and certainly it should not have happened,” Netanyahu said of the announcement by the Interior Ministry, controlled by the religious Shas party, a member of a governing coalition dominated by pro-settler parties, including his own.


6 Responses to “Israel – or You Don’t Pee in My Pool and I Won’t Sh*t in Your Sandbox Part 2”

  1. First of all thanks for that marvelous piece on your intro or “About” page of your blog. As a matter of fact this intro is applicable to all those bloggers who exactly like you want to bring the truth in them because they cannot bear it upon themselves alone. Many as you say may not agree, neither is it possible nor should one aspire to turn this already turned uni-polar world into a unibrainular world. But as you rightly say ’many may not agree with me but at least it would make them to think’ and it is exactly many of the bloggers want to.

    Coming to answer for a question you asked your audience: When the people in the West say they have so many similarities with the Zionists of Israel, to my mind it’s a feeling of guilt which they want to redeem because it were the same Jews with similar language, traditions and national way of life, living in their respective European lands but the Christian Europe always treated them something “different”. They were kept in ghettos and all types of discriminations were practiced against them. The anti-Semitism of those times reached its climax when men like Hitler appeared on the scene with their rabid anti-Semitism in the form of Nazis and fascists. The cruel treatments they had from the European Christians made them to flee to countries like Americas.

    With creation of Israel, west has killed not two but three birds with one stone; it got rid of their Jews, redeemed their guilt and ultimately was able to keep Israel as a watchdog over the Arabs who happen to have world’s major source of oil. No wonder that former president George W. Bush was reported as saying “you can regenerate blood but you can’t regenerate oil” so to wage a war against a dictator was lunched in the name of democracy, in the name of saving this world from weapons of mass destruction and all sort of bla bla.

    Even now Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton and other lords sitting in the White House may speak so loudly against Israel but the Israelis know very well that all of this is lip service only, for Israel is sitting in the heart of Arab peninsula to serve the very purpose they have wanted to.

    Nayyar Hashmey

  2. Your above post is so interesting, so logical and to the point that I would very much wish to reproduce this on my blog as well’. I will therefore appreciate if you kindly allow me to proceed in this regard.

  3. Thanx being kind enough to allow me put up a good piece on ‘Wonders of Pakistan’ site. It will enable me spread the words of truth to my readers who come from all five continent on the globe.

    Nayyar Hashmey

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  5. […] Israel – or You Don’t Pee in My Pool and I Won’t Sh*t in Your Sandbox […]

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