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Sarah Palin Has Finally Found Her Niche or It’s Too Painful to Watch, But I’m A Sadist

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on March 3, 2010

After watching what I can only describe as a train wreck in slow motion, I think I am finally feeling some sense of relief.  Sarah obviously craves the limelight, and that’s ok, we all have our kinks.  When I watched her on Leno I thought this is exactly what she needs, a format where everything is scripted, it isn’t going to make you think too much on your feet, keep it light, keep it simple.  She works best from a script – I remember during the campaign when ever they would show Sarah I could literally say the words with her, it was scripted, it was tight.  It was when she went and got all “mavericky”  and didn’t follow the script that trouble ensued.  Or in those cases where, God forbid she was required to give an answer that required thought and knowledge, do I need to remind you of those Katie Couric moments, or the Charlie Gibson interview? But in all seriousness she did ok on Leno – we’ve definitely seen worse.


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