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Health Care Summit or “Veni, Vidi, Vici” or IT’S TOO BIG and no I am not talking about a penis

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 27, 2010

I hope you all watched, it was long, it was tiring, it was political…just in case you didn’t see it you can access it at http://www.c-span.org

Here are my picks for best lines, ” WTF” moments, and things that make you go hmmmm…

General ideological differences as I see it:

  • Democrats:  government has a major role in establishing some basic standards of what should be in a health care policy.  Democrats want to cover 30 million people.
  • Republicans  believe that a free market with competition will solve the problem. Republicans want to cover 3 million people.

Reality – the current free market system is what we have, and it is not working, if it were working we wouldn’t be in this spot now.

It’s Too Big  or We aren’t talking about a penis here.

Reality – wtf are are you in Washington for?  Sometimes one has to think big, one has to think outside the box, solve the problem.  I am beginning to think the entire Republican party suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, just because it is big and complicated doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Doing this in steps is not going to be feasible, here’s an example, everybody agrees that pre-existing conditions must be covered.  This cannot be done in one small step, it is going to require everybody to get insurance, otherwise people will do what people do, game the system and not buy it until they absolutely must.  This means you must have a mandate, this means if people can’t afford to buy insurance you have to subsidize it.  I don’t think you can even address this one issue in a small bill, the issue is interconnected,  there are ramifications that extend far beyond just saying pre-existing conditions must be cover.

  • Ranking right up there with his fellow attention deficit disorder colleague is John Boehner the House Minority Leader “we can’t do it within the framework of a 2700 page bill,  that’s why the bill needs to be scrapped”
  • Speaking of the 2700 page bill, Eric Cantor had a bit of theatrics by hauling in the bill.  Again, I view this as an epidemic which evidently affects Republicans and their inability to work effectively on a complicated problem.  Perhaps those fine Republicans could check and see if  their health  insurance covers Ritalin.

Republican solution to health care tort reform

Reality  – yes we need tort reform, for some in this country it has become a job to sue somebody for something and seek compensation, but the reality is  tort reform would reduce insurance costs by  1.5 percent a year, hey we will take a reduction any where we can get it, but this is not the only thing that needs to be reformed.  – source Congressional Budget Office.

The polls say American’s don’t want this!!!!!

  • Sen. Mitch McConnell:   If you average all of the polls in America, we know that the American people oppose this proposal by an average of 55 to 37 percent. They have also been asked, and we keep reading in the newspaper that where we’re headed next is to the reconciliation approach. Gallup also asked that question, and explained to the American people what it meant so they understood what this word that we use around Washington actually means. And in the Gallup poll, the American people were opposed to using that 52 to 39.

The reality is as Pres. Obama stated is:

OBAMA: …there’s been a lot of comments from every Republican about the polls and what they’re hearing from their constituents. And as I said, I hear from constituents in every one of your districts and every one of your states.

And what’s interesting is actually when you poll people about the individual elements in each of these bills, they’re all for them. So you ask them, “Do you want to prohibit preexisting conditions?” “Yes, I am for that.” “Do you want to make sure that everybody can get basic coverage that’s affordable?” “Yes, I’m for that.” “Do you want to make sure that insurance companies can’t take advantage of you and that you’ve got the ability, as Ron said, to fire an insurance that’s not doing a good job and hire one that is, but also that you’ve got some basic consumer protections?” “Yes, we like that.”

So polls I think are important in taking a temperature of the public. If you polled people and asked them, “Is the system working right now and should we move forward with health reform,” they’d also say yes to that.

And my hope had been and continues to be, based on this conversation, there might be enough areas of overlap that we could realistically think about moving forward without — without a situation in which everybody just goes to their respective corners and this ends up being a political fight, because this is something that really has to be solved.

About reconciliation…

Pres. Obama said:
“You know, this issue of reconciliation has been brought up. Again I think the American people aren’t always all that interested in procedures inside the Senate.  I do think they want a vote on how we’re going to move this forward.”

He is absolutely right as far as I am concerned,  do something!  If you have the majority of people in agreement, then pass it.  I would not object to force feeding 2,700 pages of this bill to every obstructionist in the Congress.

Best lines:

  • Obama to McCain – John the election is over.
  • Sen. J. Rockefeller “the health insurance industry is the shark that swims just below the water, and you don’t see that shark until you feel the teeth of that shark”

Reality:  can’t argue with that.


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