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Bristol Palin Reality TV or No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 24, 2010

I seem to recall a certain Vice Presidential candidate in 2008 saying family, kids were off limits, and that reality shows weren’t their thing, and they valued privacy..and…and…and…What a difference a year makes.

The Palin family has embraced it 100%, nobody puts it better than Jeanne Devon of the Huffington Post:

“Why is this news?” And the answer simply is that it is not news. The Palins have not only crossed the line from news to entertainment, they’ve leapt across it with abandon.

Sarah is a commentator for Fox News, and best-selling author. Todd continues his status as Iron Dog celebrity. Levi is a Playgirl centerfold and pistachio nut spokesmodel. Bristol is a TV star and abstinence cheerleader. Trig is a press release topic, stage prop, and a tool for bashing bloggers and Hollywood media. Tripp is a “consequence,” a cautionary tale that has spawned a TV appearance by his mom, and a tool of irony to get back at his father for going on TV. The custody battle itslef is a reality show wrapped in Court TV wrapped in a soap opera.

The poor nation is doomed. Let’s face it. We have no choice. It’s like driving along the highway minding your own business and seeing something on the highway median – Look, it’s dancing dogs, and prancing ponies in spangles with women in bikinis standing on top, and shirtless men lifting giant weights, and a ferris wheel, and exotic creatures with stripes and spots, and a woman juggling bowling balls and hack saws, and fireworks and clowns riding around in small cars, and banjos and balloons, and guys swallowing swords and fire, and having someone in the back seat saying “Don’t look!”

The reality is that as long as the Palins continue to wear rainbow wigs and ride around in small cars, and take their shirts off, and juggle power tools, America will keep watching.

And after a couple seasons of “The Palins” when it’s all starting to get a little predictable, fear not. Willow and Piper are waiting in the wings.


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